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My Wool Lavender Heart
Today Hazel and I went to our parent/child class at Cape Ann Waldorf School. We love it. We made some crafts there--Hazel made a card for Mimi and Pop and I made a wool felt heart lavender sachet. I hung mine in my car and we will bring Mimi and Pop their anniversary (49 years today!) card next week when we visit them. Sorry I've been lazy with the camera.

When we got home, we had a quick lunch with Daddy and then the three of us went to run errands. The big one was buying a new car seat for Hazel in Daddy's car. A friend had given us her car seat when her son outgrew it. Well, now Hazel is outgrowing it so it was time for a new seat. After some quick research we decided on a Graco Nautilus. While there Steve also decided to buy his mother a car seat (since she has wanted one for her car for awhile--I'm not sure why). Our second choice was the Evenflo Maestro which is also half the price so that is what we picked up for her. He is now over delivering it with Hazel and trying out her new one since I installed it for him. Hopefully he will be able to install his Mom's. It is a job I usually do. These hopefully will be the last seats we will have to purchase for these cars at least. Sometime soon she will outgrow the one in my car, but not yet. She has a few more inches though considering she has grown a half inch already in 2012 who knows when that will be.

Oh, and Hazel got two more Valentines for our Valentine Swap. These came from a sister and brother in Nevada.

That was our exciting day. Now I have a bit of a break and could use a nap.

Some things to check out today though. Some of my favorite places to party on Thursdays. Check out Happy Whimsical Hearts Thursday party of baking with your kids and I HEART CRAFTY THINGS Blog Hop.

I Heart Crafty Things

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  1. Wow, congrats to Mimi and Pop! And thanks for the shout out x In Australia kids now have to be in car restraints until they are 7!


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