Today's Adventures

So it was a typical Monday for Hazel and I. We ran errands (grocery shopping and the library). Hazel loves going to the library. She likes to see the children's librarian and play with the toys there. I however wanted to check out some kids' craft books I found on line last night. I of course found many more than the two I had written down. I'm still going through them, but here is what I found:

My Very First Nature Craft Book illustrated by Anna Curti and published by Little Simon--I flipped through this one already. The crafts are simple, but age appropriate for Hazel, so we may try some in the next few days or whenever the rain stops for us to go out and get the supplies.

Once Upon a Time in the Kitchen by Carol Odell--this looks like a great book especially for older kids or for a literature party or cooking/literature class. Also would be good for homeschooling. It gives a recipe with part of a classic story (including Little Women, The Jungle Book, Winnie the Pooh and many more).

The Little Hands Big Fun Craft Book by Judy Press--haven't had a chance to really look at it, but it was on my list to get--love the Little Hands Fingerplays & Action Songs by Emily Stetson and Vicky Congdon.

Kids Create! by Laurie Carlson

Nature's Art Box by Laura C. Martin

Crafts for Kids Backyard Book by Greta Speechley--thought this might give me ideas for our Fourth of July BBQ--activities to do with the kids is always a good thing.

Look What You Can Make With Newspapers, Magazines, And Greeting Cards edited by Kathy Ross--figured it never hurts to have more ideas to recycle things.

Look What You Can Make With Paper Plates edited by Margie Hayes Richmond--I keep finding different wreaths to make so I stocked up on paper plates, now I have some more ideas.

I have been working on birthday party ideas and activity ideas. If anyone needs different themes and where they can find things in books or on line for those themes, let me know. I once wanted to be an event planner. Now my life is about my daughter but since I'm always looking for ideas I decided to keep track of them.