Fourth of July Crafts

Tomorrow my plan is to do some crafts with Hazel to decorate for our 4th of July bbq. These crafts are adopted from various sources. The first is to make paper flag placemats. I cut 12x18 inch white construction paper to be 9.5 x 18 inches. I cut 3/4"  x 18" strips of red 12x 18 inch construction paper and I cut 7.2" x 5.1" scrapbook paper that is blue with white stars on it. We will glue the papers to make flags and then coat both sides with clear contact paper. I also cut some 7.2" x 5.1" rectangles of blue construction paper so the kids coming to the bbq can make their own and I have star stickers for them to use on it. I figured the stickers would be more fun for all the kids but a pain to do all of the ones for the adults.

Our other craft will be a paper "wind sock". I took this from the Little Hands book on America. The first one we started today. We took a piece of 9x12 inch blue construction paper and glued onto it white stars cut from printer paper (I printed a star out in Word and then folded the paper into 12ths and cut 12 out of it). I used two of these papers. Hazel glued the stars on and then we made it a tube. At this point I realized we did not have all the needed supplies and we went shopping. So now, we need to finish it tomorrow. We are going to glue on red and white streamers/crepe paper to the bottom and tie a piece of yarn to the top. The rest of them will be made with the leftover scrapbook paper. The 12x12 squares looked too big, so I cut them down. I am also going to have this craft for the kids to do at the party with the smaller strips of the leftover scrapbook paper.

Our third craft for the party is to make firework crowns. Again, I took this from one of the books. I bought red duct tape, blue drinking straws and red sparkly, blue sparkly and silver sparkly pipe cleaners, and some alphabet stickers for the kids to put their names on their crown. Use two pieces of the tape to go around the head and between the two pieces space out the straws. Then glue the piper cleaners into the straws and bend them. Then add the names to the front.

Our fourth craft will be foam flags which I bought at Michaels. I also bought some lollipop sticks to be the flagpoles.

I may look into making pinwheels as well. I found many sites with instructions and patterns for the 4th of July.

I will post pictures once we have made some of them.

That is all for now. Good night!