Father's Day

For Father's Day, Steve wanted the morning to go do guy things. So Hazel and I had fun with painting. Once Steve returned we went shopping for a new dishwasher since ours is not working and is very old. Hopefully it will be installed on Friday.

As for our painting, we worked with red, white and blue paint and many different painting "brushes". We used black and white paper. We used sponges, scrub brushes, feathers, and Hazel's favorite a toothbrush. See the pictures above. We started outside, but found the wind to be too much. Hazel does not like the wind and ended up in tears chasing the papers and paints everywhere. Unfortunately the wind blew the papers onto her. Then of course I had to hold her to calm her down so we both were covered in paint by the end. We moved into the garage after that, but still had plenty of fun.
Our plan is to put clear contact paper over some of these to make placemats. She of course wants to give them to our family members, so we will have to make more for the barbeque. Oh, well. At least it is fun.

Well, we had a good time. Enjoy!