June 13, 2011 First Entry

I am starting this blog for a few reasons. I would like to keep track of books I like, crafts I hope to do with Hazel or by myself (and for her), ideas, etc. And I would like a place to share these ideas and finds and hope others will be able to share them with me.

Now a bit about me and what I'm doing...I am a 40-yr-old stay-at-home mom of a 2.5-yr-old. We have decided to send her to a Waldorf School, so I'm in the process of learning more about Waldorf education and finding natural toys (Waldorf toys). I also am doing several different things with her to fill our time. I am trying to be true to the Waldorf philosophy of no television. This is a struggle with my husband and his mother, but we are trying it. Our daughter fell in love with Elmo and Caillou before we made this decision. I want to share books, ideas, places, etc. and hope this will help someone and hope to hear from you.

This weekend, I bought a serger and hope to figure it out so I can start making clothes for Hazel faster. I have been playing with knitting as well. I'm allergic to wool, so I have been doing most of my knitting in cotton. I'm working on a dress and a sweater for her.

Ok, enough of this info for now. Will share some of the books I have been reading for my own knowledge and the ones I have been reading (over and over) to Hazel.

Recommended Books for You to Read on Parenting/Waldorf:
Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne and Lisa M. Ross
Beyond the Rainbow Bridge by Barbara J. Patterson
You Are Your Child's First Teacher by Rahima Baldwin Dancy
Taking Back Childhood: Helping Your Kids Thrive in a Fast-Paced Media-Saturated, Violence Filled World by Nancy Carlsson-Paige, Ed.D.

Books Hazel Loves:
Wonder Bear by Tao Nyeu
Little White Rabbit by Kevin Henkes
My Garden by Kevin Henkes
Bedtime Bunnies by Wendy Watson
Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

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  1. I highly recommend hyenacart for Waldorf toys. I know that used to be a great source for homemade toys that fit the philosophy. Good luck! It's hard and we all do the best we can to raise our kids. :)


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