Tate's Wild Rescue -- New Book Review


Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

There are some wonderful books coming out this week. Today I am sharing a sweet picture book all about animals. The book is Tate's Wild Rescue by Jenny Turnbull and illustrated by Izzy Burton. It is recommended for ages 4 to 8 and is perfect for the animal lover in your life!

From the Publisher:

A sweet, funny picture book about an animal-loving girl who invites wild animals to live in her house and be her best friend--with mixed results! Back matter also offers ideas for children on how they can help both wild and companion animals!

Tate loves animals, but she worries about the ones who live in the wild—aren’t they cold? Hungry? Lonely?

She is determined to help and comes up with the perfect plan: she’ll offer one a better life and they will be best friends! To her surprise, none of the wild animals she invites to live with her are impressed with her offerings—Orca is not interested in the kiddie pool, and Tiger would rather hunt than settle for cookies. Maybe Tate will have to look a bit closer to home to find her pawsitively perfect match.

Tate’s heartfelt hope to rescue a wild animal combined with the blunt hilarity of their responses makes this charming story perfect for anyone wild about animals!

From Me:

This is such a sweet book. Tate is worried about all the wild animals. She worries that they may be hungry, scared, or lonely. She writes letters to various animals offering them to live in her bedroom and be best friends. She writes letters to a lion, orca, tiger, kangaroo, and a raccoon. Each kindly rejects her invitation. She begins to realize that the wild animals are happy with their lives. When she is ready to throw in the towel she gets a letter from a more reasonable pet. The pet is a stray dog. She adopts him and is happy to have a best friend who shares her bed with her. 

At the end of the book there is information about helping the wildlife. There are suggestions of joining the World Wildlife Fund as well as helping the environment and visiting wildlife in accredited zoos, animal sanctuaries, etc. Then there is information about adopting stray dogs and cats at shelters and supporting shelters. I love that this book combines how people need to protect wildlife but let them be wild and adopt our shelter animals and support the shelters.

This book is perfect for animal lovers. It has parts that will ring true for many kids--wanting to adopt a wild animal. It also reminds us that our pets are our best friends and always there for us. It is the perfect book for families who are about to get a new pet, animal lovers, and to introduce a unit on animals. I love how it connects our actions to the environment and wildlife as well as caring for our pets. I hope you will check out this adorable book.