Even Better Than Sprinkles: A Story About Best Friends


Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

What is better than sprinkles and unicorns? A good friend of course!! Today I get to share a new picture book (released today) about best friends. It takes us through the good times and a bad time in a friendship. The book is Even Better Than Sprinkles: A Story About Best Friends by Linda Skeers and illustrated by Heather Fox. It is recommended for ages 4 to 8.

From the Publisher:

When you find someone who agrees to be the back end of a unicorn costume, who names their goldfish after you, and is always willing to be the dragon when you play knights and dragons, you’ve found a best friend.

Having a best friend is the greatest feeling ever. But it’s terrible when something happens to break up that friendship. Now it feels like you are being hugged by a porcupine. Now it’s time to figure out how to repair a broken friendship. A good place to start is a homemade card with glitter everywhere and a special cupcake with lots of sprinkles. When you add an apology, it’s the best way back to being best friends.

This funny and sweet story is a guide to celebrating and caring for your besties even when you don't seem to agree.

From Me:

Do you remember your childhood friendships? I have a friend I have known since I was around six months. I remember playdates when we were young ending with a fight. The next time we got together all was forgotten. The fight most likely was because we were both tired after a day of play together. This book shares the great things about having a friend. Things like a friend is willing to let you be the front of the unicorn or be the knight when you play knights and dragons. It even states that a friend is better than unicorns and sprinkles. I love that the girls in this book are diverse and that they seem to play well together. Then they have a disagreement, and the friendship seems to be over. But with an apology they are back together, and everything is back to normal.  

This book captures that young friendship magic. You do everything together and just love one another. They name their fish after each other. They play and share and find time together amazing. Then one of them makes a mistake. She gets excited and blows out her friend's birthday candles before her friend even has made her wish. Now they are both mad and don't want to see each other for a million years. The girl at fault makes her friend an apology card with lots of glitter and all is forgiven. It is just a story of the magic of young friendship. I love it!! 

Sprinkle Crafts

To go with this book the obvious craft is to make cards with lots of glitter!! There are also crafts made with sprinkles!! You can get some ideas here. There is also this adorable best friend necklaces idea over at Project with Kids. I also think a sundae dice game would be fun with lots of sprinkles!! I also asked some fellow bloggers for their best sprinkle crafts. Here is what I found.

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