Kawaii Origami for Kids -- Crafty Sundays


Disclosure: I was sent this kit in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

I have shared several origami kits as well as origami paper packs and projects with you over the years. Today I am sharing a wonderful origami kit for kids. I think this is my favorite one ever!! It is Kawaii Origami for Kids by Naoko Ishibashi. Kawaii is a huge Japanese culture of cuteness. I am sure you have seen the word previously. These origami projects are just so cute!! So it makes sense that it is called the Kawaii Origami for Kids.

From the Publisher:

Kids will have endless fun folding these adorably cute origami paper models!

Naoko Ishibashi is Japan's most popular designer of origami models for children, and the 20 models in this kit are all incredibly cute and very easy to fold! Most of the models require fewer than 20 steps and can be folded up in minutes using the 48 6" x 6" sheets of paper that are included.

Folding paper animals, cars, boats and planes offers kids a chance to have fun while engaging their minds and developing their motor skills. They get a tremendous sense of accomplishment by folding and playing with these charming models, which look fantastic when displayed!

Folding papers and instructions are provided for 20 different models:
  • Cute aquatic animals including a curly-tailed seahorse and a spotted sunfish
  • Adorable mammals including a playful seal and a bashful mouse
  • Other kawaii creatures like an easygoing jellyfish, a pensive owl and slow-but-steady turtle
  • A Chinese junk, a sailboat and a cruise ship, plus a zippy bus, car and airplane
  • And many more!

From Me: 

Besides having some cute projects, this kit is literally the easiest origami kit to follow I have seen. As you can see from the picture above, the projects range from animals to transportation vehicles including the cultural Chinese junk. I tried several of the projects in this kit and absolutely love them!!

Since I am in summer mode I made the three boats--the Chinese junk, sailboat and ferry. My idea was to make a summer themed/ocean themed mobile with some of the origami projects. I just haven't gotten that far. To go on the mobile, I also made some of the ocean life animals. 

I love the harbor seal!! I also made two of the sunfish and seahorse and one of the jellyfish and sea lion. The book has you draw on details likes eyes and mouths. I was thinking I would use a needle and thread to string them all and then tie the other ends to a wire ring to make the mobile. I was thinking it would be a perfect summer project to do with kids at home or in school. Plus, it is fun for a trip to the beach. Will you see all the animals or will you go on each of the boats, etc.?

The instructions themselves are easy to follow. Above are the instructions for the harbor seal. My only complaint is that sometimes there are initial folds (diagonals or folding in half) that are not mentioned. For this one it is not the case. The illustrations were easy to follow and really showed the folds. 

I also made some of the other animals. I love the owl and like that the book suggested the feather markings. I also tried the capybara and the turtle. The turtle could go on the mobile. I know we see turtles more this time of year in our neighborhood. In fact, I had to avoid one in the street just the other day. I did use glue on the projects that required two sheets so they will stay together. The projects in this book are not the typical ones I have seen. They are just adorable and it is well thought out for instructions. 

This kit is perfect for the beginner folders. The projects are cute, and kids will find something they want to create in the kit. It is perfect for those "I'm bored" moments or rainy days. They also can be fun crafts to make that go with books read this summer. I will be adding this kit to my classroom collection so kids who struggle with origami will have some easier projects to follow. I hope you will check it out!