The Big Fat High School Algebra 1 Workbook -- Product Review


Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

As a teacher and a mother, I fell in love with the Big Fat Notebook Series. We have shared many of them here and I have the math ones in my classroom. My small Algebra 1 class is a mix of different learners. Most have some sort of special need and work on the slower side. I am always looking for ideas for them and have pulled out Everything You Need to Know About Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1 in One Big Fat Notebook for inspiration. Today I get to share with you a companion to this book. It is The Big Fat High School Algebra 1 Workbook by Workman Publishing. 

From the Publisher:

This ultimate Algebra 1 workbook provides support for students at all levels as they navigate foundational concepts in algebra—featuring helpful recaps, hundreds of practice opportunities, a variety of question types, and a stepped-out solution process.

Students love the direct, accessible approach of Everything You Need to Ace Pre-Algebra & Algebra 1 in One Big Fat Notebook. This hands-on workbook takes the same approach of easy-to-understand explanations of key concepts reinforced with examples solved step by step, fun doodles, helpful captions and call outs, and hundreds of exercises to provide additional practice of the Algebra 1 concepts students learn in class. Each question has a detailed answer explanation in the back of the book, allowing students to determine not only whether they got the answer right or wrong, but why.

From Me:

This book has clear and concise sample problems as well as practice problems for various topics usually taught in Algebra 1. It is in a similar format to its companion book with grid background pages full of what looks like handwritten notes and problems. This book is perfect for the student who needs more practice or perhaps is getting tutored (or needs tutoring but cannot afford it). It is also perfect for the teacher who is looking for different ways to explain topics. 

The book has "recipe" cards in it with steps for solving different types of problems. It is clear and concise in the instructions and gives several examples for each topic. Then leaves four to five problems for the student to practice. I love how the book presents the topics and how easy it is to use. I love that it is full of examples down clearly and that are easy to follow for the learner. It is a great set up and shares colorful pages full of steps and problems to try. This workbook along with Everything You Need to Know About Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1 in One Big Fat Notebook are the perfect aids for Algebra 1 students to help them get ahead in class or get more understanding beyond how the teacher teaches. I hope you will check them out!