Algebra 1 Equation BINGO with Leftover Halloween Candy & More Resources from My Classroom


Although I have an amazing math book to share with you, I decided to put it off for a week to share a fun Algebra 1 activity as well as more resources that is perfect with leftover Halloween candy!! In my Algebra 1 class we are solving equations. My students have a mixed background as to what they have seen, so for some solving equations is a struggle. Last week I made them a doodle note with steps to solve equations. 

Now I did not include steps to rid the equations of fractions or decimals as we had not gotten there yet. The sheet is double-sided with examples on the back as well. You can download your own copy here. All of my downloadable files are for personal and classroom use only. If you would like to share them, please send them to the post!

Since my students need more practice more than anything I plan to play Equation BINGO with them. This is a perfect activity post Halloween. I did not get many trick-or-treaters due to the drop in the temperature here, so I have a bag of fun size M&M's leftover. This activity works with any small candies or can be done with other objects like BINGO chips but the candy adds some fun for the kids. Last year my colleague and I made up 75 equations to play BINGO. The answers are 1-75. 

The equations vary in difficulty and include one-step, two-step, distributive property, and division problems. You can always add your own if you want a specific type. They are put into a spreadsheet so they can easily be cut and drawn from a hat. You can download our equations here

Then you will need BINGO boards. There are loads of free ones online. I suggest the Traditional Cards available at Activity Connection. They offer 75 different ones so there will be enough for any class. Print them on cardstock and some people choose to laminate them. That way you have them to reuse each year and for other activities. Since we are using food for chips some people like to give wax paper or such for the kids to put over the card to protect the food. 

I also made a simple workspace page for the kids work. You can collect it to see how they are doing after the game. It will help keep them organized as well as help you see how they are doing with solving the problems. Print it double sided and print extras! You can download it here

I hope you try these activities and add some fun to your Algebra 1 class. Let me know how they work out!