New Christmas Themed Children's Books


Disclosure: I was sent copies of these books in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

This week I am focusing on the holidays. I will be sharing holiday gift ideas as well as some holiday themed products. Today I am sharing three new Christmas themed books for children. One is a board book, one is a pop-up book, and the other is a picture book. The board book is Snow, Snow, Snow! a Christmastime Song by Sandra Boynton. It is recommended for babies to age 5. The pop-up book is In the Holly Jolly North Pole by Joel Stern and illustrated by Nancy Leschnikoff. It is recommended for ages 3 to 5. The picture book is Elves Are the Worst by Alex Willan. It is recommended for ages 4 to 8.

From the Publisher: 

Celebrate snow, snow, snow with a Christmastime song in this latest holiday classic from the one and only Sandra Boynton.

When a group of winter animals see the falling snow, they know it’s a sign that Christmastime is just around the corner. And they’ve got a song to sing!

Join in this cheerful, holiday classic with a link to a festive video that will have your entire family singing along as they decorate the tree. Includes glockenspiels, penguins, sunglasses, and a winter’s supply of snow…all in one sweet board book that’s sure to make a terrific stocking stuffer or Christmas read year after year.

Oh there is snow (snow snow).
It’s coming down (down down).
And it is fall, fall, falling all around (round round).
And you can tell (tell tell)
what’s on its way.
Oh it will soon (soon soon)
be Christmas Day.

From Me:

This is a cute board book that is meant to be a song. The words are repeated and it is about getting ready for Christmas. It shares snow and Christmas trees and of course being together. The words are simple and easy for a young child to understand.

It is completely done in Sandra Boynton style. The animals are cute and mostly arctic. The words are fun and it is really a song. You can actually hear a version of the song on Sandra Boynton's YouTube Channel. It is perfect for little ones still figuring Christmas out.

From the Publisher:

Join Santa’s helpers on a journey through his workshop in this cheerful, sturdy holiday pop-up book!

Welcome to the cold North Pole,
where elves are all preparing
gifts for children around the world
for fun, and play, and sharing.

At the North Pole, Santa’s workshop is stuffed with little elves preparing for the holidays with gifts, treats, and fun! A sturdy page-turner, In the Holly Jolly North Pole is an innovative pop-up story with treats for kids of all ages.

From Me:

This a sweet and fun book. The pages pop-up and share different parts of Santa's workshop. The book visits the mailroom, kitchen, workshop, sleigh, and the sky. Each page jumps off the page and shares the place children dream of--Santa's home in North Pole. It talks about the letters filled with requests that Santa wants to grant. Mrs. Claus baking cookies in the kitchen. The elves are building in the workshop. The elves are loading the sleigh and then Santa is off to deliver the toys on Christmas Eve. It is a fun book and kids will love it!!

From the Publisher: 

Gilbert the Goblin infiltrates Santa’s workshop to prove that goblins are better workers than elves in the side-splitting latest installment in The Worst! picture book series, where even the strangest of creatures can become the best of friends.

Everyone knows that elves have a reputation of being the hardest workers around—especially when it comes to the holiday season—but as far as Gilbert the Goblin is concerned that’s nothing but ho-ho-hogwash. A goblin’s to-do list is just as long as any elf’s; they just don’t feel the need to sing songs about it.

To prove he can outperform any reindeer-watching, wrapper-paper-wielding, toy-tinkering elf, Gilbert puts on his merriest disguise to infiltrate Santa’s workshop. But can one lone goblin do the work of a whole team of elves?

From Me:

Here is a fun book taking the point of view of a goblin. He is not happy about the elves of the world or of them getting the credit for helping Santa with Christmas. He even shows how elves are not so important by looking at some well-known elves. The Keebler Elves and Rice Krispies elves are discussed but named and then he mentions the Elf on the Shelf. However, when the goblin tries some elf jobs in Santa's workshop, he discovers that the elves' jobs are not so easy. 

I love how in the end he works with the elves and discovers they aren't perfect but are good at working together. He shares his favorite recipe with them, and they make it together. It has a happy ending, and the goblin isn't negative in the end. It is a cute book that kids will love. They will enjoy the jokes of the goblin as well as his mistakes. 

So these are the three Christmas-themed books I have to share. I hope you will take time to check them out. Happy reading and happy preparing for the holidays!