Famous Seaweed Soup -- Book Review & Giveaway


Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I will receive a small stipend for participating in The Children's Book Review & Purple Butterfly Press's Virtual Book Tour with this post. All opinions are my own.

Spring is popping up all around me and that means summer is around the corner. Today I get to share with you a fun book that is perfect for those summer beach trips and more! It is Famous Seaweed Soup by Antoinette Truglio Martin and illustrated by Penny Weber. And there is a giveaway including the grand prize of an entire classroom set of this fun book!!

About the Book:

Famous Seaweed Soup Written by Antoinette Truglio Martin and Illustrated by Penny Weber
Ages 5+ | 32 Pages
Publisher: Purple Butterfly Press | ISBN-13: 9781955119405

Publisher’s Book Summary: Beach days are the best days and Sara loves everything about the beach. Her favorite part is making her Famous Seaweed Soup. Collecting all the ingredients is a tough job but Sara thinks she’s up to the task!

Can she make it all by herself or will a busy family foil her recipe?



Antoinette Truglio Martin is a retired speech therapist and special ed teacher, who now enjoys life as an author and nonny. She finds wonder in children’s play and captures the magic with her stories. Antoinette lives in her hometown, Sayville, New York, where she writes and plays on the Long Island seashore with her beach-loving family and friends.

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From Me:

This is a sweet story about a girl who goes to the beach with her family. She has something she always does at the beach. She makes her famous seaweed soup. Every step of making the soup, she asks who will help her. Her parents are too busy setting up, taking care of the baby or other things and the baby is too young to help. It reminded me a bit of Little Red Hen. However, in this version, the people who didn't help have to eat the soup or at least pretend to. 

I love how the young girl is determined to make her soup. She follows very certain steps and promises the snails she will return them when playtime is done. I love that the soup process involves looking for ingredients at different times of the tide. She gathers the clear top water from the bay. She goes into the tidepool to get the snails. She gathers two kinds of seaweed and then gathers smelly stuff including some treasures to bring home. We have made quite a few crafts with beach found treasures.

This book is a wonderful way to introduce the layers of the ocean and the tide. It is perfect for studying the animals from the ocean like we learned about when Hazel was young on her class trip to the science center. It is also the perfect book to give kids an idea of something to do at the beach besides building a sandcastle. What do your kids like to do at the beach? Hazel used to make all sorts of food from the sand, shells, etc. We had many fun Melissa & Doug sand toys that encouraged food. This book would have been right up her alley. 

So this book is perfect for families, classes and so much more! I hope you will check it out!!


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