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Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I am working with The Children's Book Review and Sandrine Marlier to bring you this post and giveaway and I will receive a small stipend for writing the review. All opinions are my own. 

When you are feeling stressed out, what do you do? Do you meditate? Take a deep breath? What do you teach your child(ren) to do? According to the CDC, approximately 5.8 million children between the ages of 3 and 17 were diagnosed with anxiety between 2016 and 2019 and the numbers are going up. (Source) Our world and society is changing so quickly that we are not keeping up with helping our kids deal with it. We need to teach them methods to deal with their stress. Today's book is a perfect start for younger kids. It is Odette's Alphabet by Sandrine Marlier and illustrated by Leonardo Schiavina. 


Odette’s Alphabet Written by Sandrine Marlier 

Ages 5+ | 64 Pages 

Publisher: Belle Isle Books | ISBN-13: 9781953021519

Publisher’s Book Summary: One day, Odette the ant wakes up feeling stressed. After realizing that all she does is work, Odette decides to leave her anthill in search of the freedom to create her own world. Along the way, she meets Marcus, a lost mouse, and together they discover simple ways to feel better. Inspired by her journey and this wonderful new friendship, Odette finds her way back home to the colony with a new sense of being.

Odette’s Alphabet is a mindful story that offers a map to handle big emotions with kindness, unity, and courage. Fun and easy activities support each of the chapters, along with letters of the alphabet to provide additional opportunities for learning while encouraging young readers to explore meditation practices.



Sandrine Marlier woke up one day in her New York apartment feeling out of sorts. She realized that no matter how many trips she would take around the world, thanks to her modeling career, only a journey within could bring her peace. Eventually, she trained with world-renowned meditation teacher davidji. That training inspired this book, as she found herself drawing an ant and a sound: A, the beginning of all beginnings. Sandrine is a mother, meditation teacher, transformational coach, and Reiki practitioner. She shares free meditations about healing and empowerment on Instagram (@sandrinemarlier).

You can connect with her through her website,

From Me:

I have had a really busy week this week and brought the book to school to write my review because Hazel has to play rehearsal until 5:30 pm so I'm stuck here. I mentioned that I was going to write a book review to my boss who helps when the high school students have anxiety attacks and other issues and also is a mom to two younger children. She asked about the book, and I showed it to her. She fell in love!! My copy will be going to her after I write this review. I am sure she will share it with her kids but also with the teachers to use in their class.

The story itself is sweet. Odette goes on an adventure and meets Marcus. They explore together and discover all sorts of things while also learning to control their own anxiety. Each letter of the alphabet has a word and a bit of the story to match the world. There is a picture as well as a mindfulness activity to go with it. There are so many ways to use this amazing book!! You can just read the story and talk about the ways they relieve their stress, or you can turn to a page and read the word as well as the part of the story and the activity. Both will be wonderful!

The mindfulness activities vary from breathing activities to yoga stretches and meditation. What a wonderful way to help our young ones learn healthy habits for dealing with stress. This book is amazing and should be on the shelves of every elementary classroom as well as used by therapists of young children. It is also a great book for families to read and teach their kids mindfulness habits. I cannot say enough about this book. 

Odette and Marcus are also adorable animals--an ant and a mouse. They form a fun friendship, and there are lessons about friendships as well as enjoying life. I love how the words from the alphabet part fit so well into the story and mindfulness activities. I hope you will check it out!


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