Earth Day Around the World CD Featuring Daria


Disclosure: Daria sent me a digital copy of this CD in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

As usual, I'm a day late and a dollar short. Earth Day was yesterday. Although I see the importance of Earth Day I do believe that we need to focus on the meaning of Earth Day every day of the year. I tend not to celebrate Earth Day as a holiday of sorts. Its use is to remind us that we need to take care of our world. As a whole the human race is destroying our planet with the fumes from vehicles, trash, and consumption of natural products. This is an important message to be reminded of but I hope we all realize that we need to stop thinking about it as a day and think about it every day! Today I get to share with you a new CD that features Daria and others from around the world. It is Earth Day Around the World

From the Producer: 

This unique compilation of Earth Day songs was created by over 20 artists from all over the planet. Musicians, Producers, Videographers, and Artists from the following countries participated in creating music, artwork, and videos that are part of this exciting collaborative project.

South Africa                    Indonesia                     Israel
Kenya                            Viet Nam                    Venezuela
Ghana                            Belgium                     Mexico
Taiwan                            Portugal                    Canada
China                              Ukraine                    USA

Musical styles on this CD include:

Afrobeat               Middle Eastern Drum
Pop                                 New Age
Folk                                  Reggae

Most of the songs here are based on the original Earth Day song written by Daria in the 1990's and sung all over the world. All artists took the basic idea of "We've Got The Whole World in Our Hands" and then let creativity inspire their own version of the song.

All recordings and videos that are part of this project are free to any educator or parent who wants to use them. For more information contact Daria at dariamusic at yahoo dot com. 

From Me: 

As you can see from the song list above, there are eight songs on the CD. They are different languages as well as different types of music. The CD is entertaining and is sure to have something for everyone. Since they are different versions of the same song which is a relatively simple song, the age group for this CD is for elementary aged kids unless you are doing a higher music exploration.

This CD is perfect for learning about music from around the world. Daria has combined so many different styles of music as well as cultures and languages. It is interesting to see how the different artists take the same song and make it their own. This CD is perfect for Earth Day and teaching kids about how the entire planet needs to come together to take care of our world. It is also perfect for looking at music styles from around the world and different languages. It is also perfect to look at the creativity of the artists with older children. I think it would be a fun exploration for students studying music. 

I hope you will check out this CD and share it all year long. Afterall every day needs our focus on Earth.