Yoshi Sea Turtle Genius -- Book Review & Craft Round-Up


Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

Do you have an animal lover in your house? Or perhaps you are doing a unit on sea turtles? I have a book for you. The book is Yoshi Sea Turtle Genius by Lynne Cox and illustrated by Richard Jones. It is recommended for ages 4 to 8. At the end of my post there is also a turtle craft round-up to go with this book!

From the Publisher:

In this picture book that is both heartwarming and exciting, join Yoshi, a sea turtle, on her remarkable journey as she swims farther than any animal in recorded history--23,000 miles!--to return to the beach where she first hatched, to lay her own eggs.

Inside every loggerhead turtle is genius: the ability to find their first home, no matter how far away. Follow one, from her birth on a beach in her trip across an ocean filled with sharks and seahorses and much her rescue from a net by a fisherman, who names her her rehabilitation at an her record-breaking swim across the Indian Ocean to the beach on which she hatched, to lay her eggs.

Written by Lynne Cox, also a record-breaking swimmer, here is the true story of a sea turtle who swam the longest distance of any animal in recorded history.

From Me:

I love how this book tells the story about the life of the one little turtle. She is named Yoshi by some of the people who rescue her when she is injured. The story is based on a real sea turtle!! It shares details about the life of a sea turtle as well as some assumed and fictional details about Yoshi's life. It also gives details about how scientists track animals like Yoshi. The scientists tracking Yoshi had a big surprise. They hadn't realized she was born in Australia until she returned to have babies of her own. Sea turtles return to the place of their birth to lay eggs. 

I love how the book shares details of the different parts of the world that Yoshi travels. She leaves Australia and swims to Africa. It describes the animals she may have seen on her journey and the places she passed. This book is truly perfect addition for a unit on sea turtles, migrating animals and so much more! In the Author's Note there is an explanation of Yoshi's story as well as a map of where she traveled. It also gives websites to visit to learn more about Yoshi. I can see this being a wonderful class project. 

Yoshi is also injured by being caught in a net which can bring about the topic of pollution and manmade objects in the ocean. The story itself is a fun story to read that children will love. It has the adventure of her travels and her life. The illustrations are detailed and fun as well. I hope you will check it out!

Craft Round-Up

To go with this book, I put together a round-up of sea turtle crafts and activities. 

1) Nature Turtle Sticky Wall from Happy Toddler Playtime
3) Sea Turtle Life Cycle from Living Life & Learning
4) Sea Turtle Games from Carrots Are Orange
6) Colorful CD & Button Turtle Craft from Fireflies and Mud Pies
7) Turtle Paper Bag Craft from Simple Everyday Mom
8) Turtle Headband from Simple Everyday Mom
9) Sea Turtle Art Project from Living Life & Learning
10) Sea Glass Turtle from Red Ted Art
11) Salt Dough Turtles from Red Ted Art
12) Tissue Paper and Paper Plate Turtle Craft from Fireflies and Mud Pies
13) Paper Plate Turtle Craft from Taming Little Monsters
14) Turtle Bookmark Corner from Red Ted Art
15) Handprint Turtle Card from Red Ted Art
17) Potato Masher Turtle from Happy Toddler Playtime
18) Cotton Pad Turtle Craft from Happy Toddler Playtime
19) Bubble Wrap Sea Turtle Craft from Happy Toddler Playtime
20) Origami Turtle from Mom Brite

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