Learning about Sea Turtles


Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Yesterday we talked about a book full of fun facts about the ocean. Today let's focus on one of the creatures in the ocean waters--sea turtles. I am going to share a book recommended for ages 4 to 8 as well as some fun facts from the book and a turtle craft round-up! The book is from National Geographic Kids and is Go Wild! Sea Turtles by Jill Esbaum. 

From the Publisher:

Welcome to the wild world of sea turtles! In this intro to the species, youngsters discover where on Earth this reptile lives, what it eats, and how big it grows. Cool photos of all the different kinds of sea turtles and adorable photos of just-hatched turtle babies bring the creatures into full focus. After learning the basics, young readers will learn why sea turtles need our help and what people around the world are doing to help save them. Filled with fun facts, games, and an activity focused on making a difference in sea turtles' world, Go Wild! will inspire kids to care about this swimmingly cute animal.

Fun Facts:
  1. Sea turtles live in all oceans except the cold waters of the Arctic. 
  2. The species of sea turtles vary in size a lot from about two feet to seven feet in length and 70 to 2,000 pounds. 
  3. Salt leaks out through their eyes since their diet consists of food in salt water as well as drinking salt water. 
  4. The leatherback does not have a shell but has small bones covered by a thick, rubbery skin. It dives deeper than any other sea turtle.
  5. The different species have different diets and their mouths are made for what they eat. 
  6. Female sea turtles return to the beach where she hatched to lay her eggs every one to five years. 
  7. Turtle scutes, thin platelike scales that cover their shells, are made of keratin just like our fingernails. 
  8. Sea turtles have been around since the time of dinosaurs. 
  9. When a sea turtle is underwater for a long time its heart may only beat once every nine minutes.
  10. Sea turtles cannot pull their legs and head into their shells. 
From Me:
This book is from National Geographic Kids so it is full of information and beautiful photographs. It is written for the young learner and uses simple words or defines the vocabulary words for them. The book is full of information about all sea turtles as well as a bit about the individual species. It ends with the threats on the sea turtles and what is being done to help them. It also has a section on what the kids can do and then there is even a section to extend the sea turtle lesson with math, cooking, craft, science and more. It is a wonderful book for at home or in the classroom to learn about these fascinating animals.

Turtle Crafts

1) Paper Plate Turtle from Taming Little Monsters
2) Coffee Filter Turtle from Look We're Learning!
3) Painted Rock Turtles from Simple Everyday Mom
4) Paper Sea Turtle Craft from Living Life & Learning
5) Plastic Lid Woven Turtle from Our Kid Things
7) How to Draw a Turtle from Kids Activities Blog
10) Cardboard 3D Turtle from Our Kid Things
11) Turtle Valentine Card from Simple Everyday Mom
12) Woven Baby Turtles from Pink Stripey Socks
13) Cupcake Liner Turtle from Kids Activities Blog

I hope you will check out this fun book and try some of these great crafts!