Classic Paperbacks 1,000-Piece Puzzle -- Mommy Time Review


Disclosure: I was sent this puzzle in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

I haven't shared a puzzle in awhile. I have been holding onto this one because I was afraid it would take awhile. I brought it to our vacation house last week and actually finished it in two days. The puzzle is Classic Paperbacks 1,000-Piece Puzzle by Richard Baker. 

From the Publisher:

Piece together your own colorful collection of vintage paperback book covers! Classic Paperbacks 1000-Piece Puzzle features artist Richard Baker's incredible paintings of beloved real books, including works by Emily Dickinson, Richard Wright, Sandra Cisneros, and Susan Sontag, among other literary luminaries. Each "book portrait" captures the signs of wear that all bibliophiles can appreciate from their own most-loved reads. The perfect gift for book lovers and collectors everywhere.

From Me:
Now at one point my mother and I worked on a puzzle with pictures of something like this and we found it really difficult. I was expecting this one to be just as difficult. However once I got the border, which is all white, the books were rather easy to put together because of the different color combinations. Hazel was excited to put together The House on Mango Street since her class read it this past year. I love that the book covers lead to conversations about the books and about classics. Putting this puzzle together brought back memories for me of reading the books. What is your favorite classic paperback?

This puzzle is a good quality. The picture on the box is easy to follow but there is also a photograph inside the box of the complete picture. I love having both so there are no hidden parts and sometimes details are easier to see in one then the other. I can see this puzzle being perfect for a high school where they can talk about the different books pictured on the puzzle as well as work on the spatial relations of putting it together. I hope you will check it out.