Holiday Craft Fun with Jingle Stamps


Disclosure: I was sent a set of these stamps in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Now I know it is only October, but if you are going to make holiday cards, gifts, or wrapping paper, now is the time to begin! So today I am sharing a fun holiday stamp set with some different ideas for the fall, holidays, and beyond for you and/or your kids to make. The stamp set is called Jingle Stamps, and it includes 22 stamps and a duo ink pad of red and green ink.

From the Manufacturer/Publisher:

This Christmas-themed, mix-and-match set of rubber stamps and ink allows you to create endless festive combinations, perfect for crafty gifts, custom holiday cards, gift wrap, or decorations!

Build your own festive Christmas scene with Jingle Stamps, a charming set of beechwood-handled rubber stamps and two high-quality red and green ink pads. The kit includes a jolly collection of 22 shapes and textures—from stars and candles to stockings and candy canes—that you can mix and match to create playful holiday designs.

These stamps can be put together in endless combinations. Triangles can become Santa hats or be stacked vertically to create a Christmas tree. Dots and squares become wrapped gifts. The options are limited only by your imagination! Whether you’re looking to spice up your holiday cards, create your own ornaments, or dress up an advent calendar, Jingle Stamps offers infinite possibilities to craft your own Christmas.

From Me:

I love the simpleness of these stamps. There are squares, circles, and triangles. Some of them are textured. Besides the stocking, candy cane, and jingle bell none of the stamps are specifically Christmas related. There is the holly leaf as well, but again that is not necessarily Christmas. These stamps are marketed for Christmas but can be used all year. I will share some ideas later in this post for other times. Let's start with how fun the stamps are. They have the pieces to create different holiday symbols. The small square and triangle easily makes an evergreen tree. Then there is garland, small circle for ornaments and so much more!

I used the stamps to make various cards and I did pull out some of my other stamping supplies including other ink colors, embossing powder and the heat tool for the powder. There are different size squares and one that is textured. They make fun gifts. And there is even a bow for the top. There is also a thin stripe stamp that is perfect for ribbon on the box.

I always love to have a jingle bell on a stocking, so I used the jingle bell stamp at the ends of the stocking. The bell is a little too big for the stocking stamp though. Oops! There are also stamps to make candles. I decided to make an Advent wreath card with the holly stamps and candle stamps. I used my own ink colors to have the proper candle colors for Advent

I also made one with red and green candles. I still used my own color for the flames! Now these two cards got me thinking it would be pretty easy to make a St. Lucia's Day card with these stamps!

There are also circle stamps that are perfect for ornaments. They even had the stamps for the string and the top of the ball ornaments. Plus, there are stars, dots, snowflakes, and more to decorate your ornaments. 

Now besides the fact that I'm out of practice with my stamping skills and definitely pressed too hard on many, I also found that some of the pieces were hard to line up perfectly. This is the one downfall of having the separate stamps to create the different symbols. However, having the separate stamps makes it possible to change colors for the different parts and so much more! It also allows for more creativity. However, if you are doing projects with kids, do not expect perfection!! Remember with kids it is about the process and the fun and not the perfect outcome!

Now also included in the box is a little pamphlet where they share some of the possible symbols of Christmas. It includes little facts about the symbols. For example, for stockings it talks about St. Nicholas and his true story. Honestly, I LOVE the pamphlet. It reminds me of various posts I have done over the year trying to learn about some of the traditions of Christmas (and other holidays). 

Now we usually send photo cards. As I was playing around with the stamps, I came up with an idea to include a photo. I will admit for my example, I just printed the picture on regular printer paper. If I was making this to send, I would definitely print it on better paper. This is Hazel's 8th grade photo from this fall. I love it!

I also thought about the years we made candles for gifts to brighten the shorter autumn days. I changed up my colors and made a card for the fall. I picked the wrong color for the words. Sorry!

The candle and flame stamps could be used for a birthday card as well. The gift stamps could too! The candles also could be used for Diwali and Hanukkah. There are so many possibilities with these stamps!

My last idea that is perfect for a rainy day when the kids are driving you crazy!! Or even for an activity after the Thanksgiving meal to keep the kids busy! Pull out some brown paper bags and cut the handles as well as bottoms off them or buy some brown paper wrap. Then lay them out and let the kids decorate them with the stamps. Then use the paper for all your holiday gifts. The wrapping paper itself will be an even more special gift for many!! The kids will have so much fun and think of the money you will save on gift wrap! 

Whether wanting to make your own cards or giving your kids something to do when the weather is not great, be sure to check out these fun stamps!! Get them now so you have time to create before the holiday craziness begins!