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What is in a name? Well, William Shakespeare asked that question in Romeo and Julliette back in the 1600s. But what really is in a name? Think about it. What does your name mean to you? For some it is very special. It may honor a family member, or it has a special meaning for your family. Yet, in our society women often change their names when they get married. I know I did. It was a hard decision since it is like giving up a part of you. Then there are the names everyone has trouble pronouncing. They may be from a different culture or a new name that is pronounced differently. I'll be honest I often have trouble with correct pronunciation of names. It is from my childhood speech issues, and I always feel awful about it because a name is important. Today's book is about just that--names are important. The book is My Name is Not Ed Tug by Amy Nielander.

From the Publisher:

My Name Is Not Ed Tug | Written and Illustrated by Amy Nielander

Ages 5-8 | 32 Pages | Publisher: West Margin Press | ISBN-13: 9781513134871

Publisher’s Book Summary: A sweet, whimsical story about the meaningfulness behind a person's name and the power of accepting people just as they are.

Edimorwhitimormiligimmus Tug has a very special name that is all his own. But his teacher thinks it’s too long and hard to say. One day she shortens it to. . . Ed.

But he loves his name just the way it is. So he comes up with a plan—if he can teach everyone his name, maybe they’ll love it too!

Sweet and whimsical, My Name Is Not Ed Tug empowers readers to own their identities and proudly celebrate who they are.



Amy Nielander is a designer and award-winning children’s book author and illustrator who loves to create playful stories for kids. Growing up, she had her name frequently misspelled by others. My Name Is Not Ed Tug is inspired by this experience and by her time volunteering in her children’s classrooms. Amy lives near Detroit, Michigan.

From Me:

Edimorwhitimormiligimmus Tug has quite the name. Needless to say, people have trouble pronouncing it. His teacher wants to shorten it. But his name has a special meaning to him. He is named after several family members who are extra special to him. He doesn't want to shorten his name because each part is part of a family member's name. A family member he loves. When a new student joins the class and the teacher wants the kids to use name tags to help the new student, Edimorewhitimoremiligimmus has an idea. He uses several name tags and starts with the new student. He tells him all about his Grandpa Edimor. The two become friends and then as more students come over to talk to them, he shares more about the people he is named after and their special relationship with him.  As he explains each part of his name in reference to his relative the kids learn his name and realize how important names really are. Afterall, Edimorewhitimormiligimmus doesn't want to give up one of his special relatives his name honors. And why should he? 

I love how this book explores and explains the importance of a name. It is important to that person, and you should do your best to pronounce and learn it correctly. Names are gifts given by parents to their children. They often have a meaning to the parents. It is important to understand this and honor the name. It reminds me of the many immigrants who come to our country and change their names or have the names changed to make them more American. I have a friend who did this when he became a U.S. citizen after escaping Cambodia during the war of our childhood. I refuse to call him by his American name. I have always known him by his Cambodian name. He told me he regrets changing his name and loves that I still call him by his birth name. Names are important and this wonderful book shares that with young children and their caregivers. I hope you will check it out!


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