Somewhere, Right Now -- Beautiful new picture book to help deal with the bad moments


Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

What do you do when something doesn't go your way? It could be something small or something big. How do you model dealing with disappointments for your kids? Today I am going to share a picture book that teaches this. It is Somewhere, Right Now by Kerry Docherty and illustrated by Suzie Mason. It is recommended for ages 3 to 5.

From the Publisher:

Debut author Kerry Docherty reminds us that even when we are having a bad day, just imagining that somewhere, right now, something beautiful is happening can bring a feeling of calm.

When Alma is experiencing the lows of unexpected disappointment, her mom offers her the wise advice that she just might feel better if she closes her eyes and pictures something beautiful that’s happening in nature.

Inspired by the current pandemic, this book is a relevant but timeless reminder that somewhere in the world something beautiful is happening. Maybe it’s a baby whale being born, or perhaps it’s the sun coming out on a cloudy day; right now our resilient world is making something incredible happen.

From Me:

This is such a sweet book. It starts with a young girl who gets scared of a storm. Her mother comforts her and reminds her that somewhere in the world a giraffe is enjoying apricot leaves in the pink savanna. The book goes on to the girl comforting her brother younger brother when his block tower falls. He goes on to comfort their father when he is missing their grandmother. The whole family comforts the mother in the end.

I love how each family member is comforted for different emotions: scared, mad, missing someone, being tired, and how each family member comforts another. The book is a bit about mindfulness. It reminds us to take a deep breath and think of something calming and beautiful. Let's face it we all need to refocus ourselves at different times. 

The family is also biracial and thus it is a multicultural book. The illustrations are beautiful. They help the reader imagine the image described in the words. I love how this book shows that even the youngest can comfort the adults. Our mood is controlled by how we react and respond to different events. It is such a wonderful lesson for all to learn or be reminded of.