Dash & Zoom: Little Miss Sneakypants --Review & Giveaway


Disclosure: I was sent a digital copy of this book in exchange for this review. I am working with The Children's Book Review and Susan R. Stoltz and will receive a small stipend for this review. All opinions are my own.

Today I am participating in The Children's Book Review's Virtual Book Tour of a sweet new picture book perfect for young children. The book is Dash and Zoom: Little Miss Sneakypants by Susan R. Stoltz and illustrated by Melssia Bailey. I am also sharing a round-up of dog crafts for younger children at the end. Plus there is a giveaway!

From the Publisher:

Dash and Zoom: Little Miss Sneakypants
Written by Susan R. Stoltz and Illustrated by Melissa Bailey
Ages 1-5 | 32 Pages 
Publisher: Lyric & Stone Publishing | ISBN-13: 978-1733759861

Publisher’s Synopsis: Dash and Zoom are really good friends. But when Dash takes things that don’t belong to her, even Zoom’s ball, there’s a problem to be solved because not only is Dash taking things that don’t belong to her, but she’s also hurting Zoom’s feelings.

Kids often have a difficult time understanding that they shouldn’t take things that don’t belong to them. When we don’t rescue kids from mistakes and instead focus on the solution, it’s an opportunity to help them learn to make good choices. The illustrations are extremely engaging and it’s always fun to see how many things you can find under that precarious chair.

Dash And Zoom: Little Miss Sneakypants is written for young children who are learning social norms. It exemplifies good decision-making and helps kids solve problems rather than being ‘in trouble’ for making a mistake. If children are approached with the opportunity to fix what is wrong without fear of anger it often contributes to good decision-making skills all throughout their lives. These two dogs are so engaging that children will want to read the book again and again.

About the Author:

Susan Stoltz is a Jack Russell mom and author of 13 children’s books. An avid gardener and stained glass artist, she spends most early mornings in the garden. When she’s not writing, she’s either caring for and playing with her well-trained and highly energetic dogs, creating mosaics and stained glass, reading, and teaching. She occasionally cleans the kitchen!

Susan lives in Arizona with Dash and Zoom and is well known for eating chocolate cake for breakfast.

For more information, visit


Melissa Bailey is owned by two poodles and is an award-winning illustrator of over 50 children’s books. She’s also an author and loves dreaming up story ideas while being walked by Biscuit and Archie. They are training her to take them on 3 or more walks a day!

Melissa lives with her family in rural Michigan, which is perfect for walking.

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From Me:

Dash and Zoom are adorable dogs and have a bit of interaction. Dash has a habit of hiding things. Zoom always has a ball. When Dash takes Zoom's ball, Zoom is sad. Dash begins to realize that taking everything is not fair to everyone else and returns the things she has taken. The book itself is a simple story. The words are easy and few. The pages are more about the illustrations than the words, but the words share the lesson for the kids.

I love that Susan uses dogs to teach kids lessons about caring about others' feelings and making good choices. It is just a sweet book with wonderful lessons. 

Dog Crafts for Young Children:

To go with this book, I made a simple origami dog head. It only requires four folds. Fold the square paper along the diagonal. Fold the corners down to form the ears and the bottom point up to be the nose and muzzle. Draw on eyes and nose.

I also asked some fellow bloggers for dog crafts for young children (preschool and younger). 

1) Coffee Filter Dog Craft from Look! We're Learning

2) Dog Paper Plate Craft from Simple Everyday Mom

3) Paper Puppy Puppets from The Gingerbread House

4) Dog Paper Bag Puppet from Frosting & Glue

5) Dog Headband from Simple Everyday Mom

6) Cardboard Tube Dog from Crafts by Amanda

7) Pug Dog Paper Bag Puppet from Mombrite


Enter for a chance to win a signed hardcover copy of Dash and Zoom: Little Miss Sneakypants and a Dash and Zoom metal lunchbox. Good luck!

One (1) winner receives:
  • A copy of Dash and Zoom: Little Miss Sneakypants, signed by Susan R. Stoltz and Paw-tographed by Dash and Zoom
  • A Dash and Zoom metal lunchbox

Two (2) winners receive:
  • A copy of Dash and Zoom: Little Miss Sneakypants, signed by Susan R. Stoltz and Paw-tographed by Dash and Zoom

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