Lark and the Loon -- Book Review


Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Have you ever read a book that just makes you think about your own life in new ways? A book that teaches you and has you questioning your own choices and actions? Today's book is one of those type of books. It is Lark and the Loon by Riannon Gelston. 

Book Summary from Amazon:

Ten-year-old Lark loved all his birthday gifts but the special stone from his grandfather is his favorite. Hidden away in his pocket, it suddenly heats up, catapulting Lark into a magical land of a sunset, or sunrise, (he wasn't quite sure) and a stardust path leading to nowhere and everywhere.

Lonely little Lark soon meets a mimicking boy named Echo. Together they set off to see where the path will take them. As they travel, they encounter two more friends: a precocious little girl and a wise old talking loon. Hopping onto the loon's back, the children are taken through the sunset/sunrise until they find themselves stuck inside a weeping willow. The only way out is a rickety-looking ladder climbing out of the darkness to a destination unknown.

Lark and his friends climb, reaching one level only to find yet another. They are led on a fantastical journey, a magical world of exploration, a journey that may or may not finally bring Lark back home.

Lark's pathway, challenging his sense of the possible and the impossible, travels through life and death moments as he miraculously sees crucial family turning points through his mother's eyes.

My Review:

This book is magical. It is about a 10-year-old boy but as an adult I have trouble grasping some of the concepts he is learning. The book is full of life lessons and experiences. It is autobiographical fiction. The journey Lark makes is mysterious and scary at times. He feels his mother's emotions and sees through her eyes many life experiences like giving birth to his twin sisters and watching them struggle to live and going through a miscarriage. Throughout the book the lessons of living in the moment and having faith are constant. 

His companions on the journey are a bit of a mystery as well. Echo is part of Lark. He is the part that pushes Lark to be more courageous and say or do the thing he wants but is scared to do. He has to come to terms with this side of himself on this journey. The story itself is an emotional roller coaster for the reader. You feel Lark's feelings and at times him feeling his mother's feelings. In many ways the story is about exploring one's own mind. What causes us to say one thing and not say another? Why do we do what we do? 

Another theme in the book is about connections with others. Connections are important and it is important to be present with others. This is one of those books you will want to re-read because there is more you can get out of it each time you do. It leaves you pondering your life but also in a state of happiness and contentment. There are also introductions to wholistic healing and more. I hope you will check out this intriguing book. I would love to have someone to talk about it with.