Kid Made Mother's Day Card Ideas with Round-Up

Can you believe Mother's Day is only a week away? This year with remote learning going on the kids are not getting help from their teachers to make cards and gifts. That means it falls on the kids and the dads. Steve brought up the idea of shopping for Mother's Day cards with Hazel and whether it was safe. I reminded him that most of our stores here are closed and will be until after Mother's Day. I suggested they go to our local Walgreen's but when push came to shove Hazel did not want to go out. She has been home since this has started except for our walks when it is nice out, a trip to her school for her yearbook picture, a trip to a good friend's house who is also social distancing but we needed to exchange things with one another and trips to her grandmother's house with Steve. I went to Walgreen's and picked up a couple of cards for her grandmothers. She was afraid one of them would not like getting a homemade card. I found it hard to believe but figured it was worth getting cards for her to give them. She can make one for me. Then I got to thinking of the dads out there who haven't had to deal with this before. I got the idea of sharing some when I got an email from Crayola featuring a flamingo card. I figured we had to try it since Hazel LOVES flamingos

It is relatively easy. You glue on a large pink pom pom and a small pink pom pom. If you want you can color white ones as they do in the tutorial, but I saw that as being messy and unnecessary. Then you draw in the necks, heads, beaks, eyes and legs. They had the front with Mom written on it, so I did that. Then Crayola suggested one note for the inside but I also came up with another one so there are choices. You could also put Mama Bird on the front.

If you don't have pom poms at home and want to do a flamingo you can always do a handprint one on a card like we did on these favor bags. 

Sticking with the pom pom theme I saw one with chicks and thought it would be fun to do ducks. Now of course the mama duck wouldn't really be yellow but I stuck to the theme. 

Again I glued on a large pom pom and four small yellow pom poms and then did my best to draw duck details on them. Since the baby ducks often follow their mama I thought this saying was appropriate.

I also love the saying, "Mom the title above Queen," and thought it would make a fun card with a crown. My first idea was to cut a crown out of gold paper and use gem stickers to make it look even more special.

My gold paper was so shiny it reflected my camera when I took the photo. Sorry! I am also not great at drawing and cutting crowns. Then I thought about the people with younger kids and thought what if you drew a crown on the paper and had the kids use their fingerprints as the jewels. After all to a mom nothing is more valuable than their kids.

I found a die-cut crown to trace for this one. I was also thinking instead of finger prints you could cut out photos of the kids for the jewels. I'm still thinking that kids are more valuable than jewels. And of course a child could color the crown first.

I also got to thinking about handprints or should I say hand cards and the saying heart in hand. I decided to trace my hand so the left edge of it was on the fold of the paper and cut it out as a card. 
I thought about all the times I held Hazel's hand so I wrote a note about that on the outside. When you open the card up, I put an origami heart inside. Origami hearts are one of the easier things to fold so it will work with some younger kids. 

For more handprint card ideas be sure to check my round-up below. 

I also thought about how the origami hearts themselves could decorate a card. Here is one with three cards that Hazel and I made. We used 3-inch squares for this.

I also remembered the origami dress cards I made a few years ago for spring and Easter and thought it was a perfect idea for Mother's Day. I decided to make two dresses one for mom and one for a girl. 
I cut a piece of matching origami paper to be a 3-inch square for the girl dress. Unfortunately I grabbed one of Hazel's Sharpie markers that the tip was not great on so it streaked as I wrote. Now the dresses can also be embellished with ribbons and flowers like I did on the ones in the other post. I liked this one because Hazel was always asking to get matching outfits with me when she was little.

Now the next few are for older kids. This one requires cutting a heart opening in the card. I folded the front of the card to do this. Then I glued a piece of scrapbook paper (wrapping paper would also work) in the hole. Then I decorated around the heart.
For the decorations around the heart I used simple little squiggles as stems and added leaves. Then used five dots for the petals and a simple center dot for the flowers. I learned this trick years ago when making quilt labels.

My final card is for older kids or kids with someone's help. It is an acrostic poem for "Mother". This one reminds me of Foreverland, which I reviewed a few weeks ago. Of course the child can change the words to fit his or her mom and decorate the page as he or she wants.

For all of the cards above I used a piece of white cardstock folded in half as the card to begin with. I tried to share ideas that did not require much for supplies since I know it is hard to get supplies quickly right now. 

 I also want to share some of our previous Mother's Day cards and gifts.

The first one I find to be among my most pinned photos. I used the common idea of a Mother's Day poem about hands with a handprint but also bordered it with photos. The second one was a sunflower with adjusted You are My Sunshine lyrics. I changed the lyrics for each woman in Hazel's life and used either a photo of just Hazel or a photo of Hazel with the person it was being given. We surrounded it with clear Contact Paper and put magnets on the back. The third one is a card I made for my mom. It involves a paper punch. The fourth photo (bottom left) is made with pressed flowers and recycled jars. The final photo are treasure boxes Hazel painted one year. Also I do a tutorial of heat embossing and stamping cards here but again this requires having the right supplies. 

Now I wanted to share with you even more card ideas because there are so many out there. I asked some fellow bloggers and here are some of the great ideas people had. First let's start with flower themed ones since everyone always thinks of flowers for moms.

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Then there are cards that involve art lessons, photos, and more. Most of these do not require special equipment besides the last one. 

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So there are you have 46 card ideas to get you started with honoring mom next week!! And for even more ideas be sure to check out my Mother's Day Pinterest Board. Enjoy!!