Books to Help Her Take Care of Herself and Others -- Tweens, Teens, Adults and Younger

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Have you ever woken up feeling a bit off? That is how I feel this morning. I knew I wanted to write a review but I didn't sleep well and feel like I might be fighting the cold that is going around. When I looked at my review shelves I didn't turn to the books I was planning on reviewing but looked at books that inspire self care. I added a few that would involve being oneself and health and I created this grouping to share with you today. Most of the books are for tweens through adults but one book which we will start with is for ages 3 to 6. It is It's Okay to Be a Unicorn! by Jason Tharp. This book is not available for sale until February.
This book is a cute book about a unicorn who hides his horn because the horses in town are mean to unicorns. Cornelius makes the best hats and horses order them from him and of course he always wears one. When it is his turn to do the big finale of the Hoofapalooza festival he finds his courage and shows everyone who he really is.

This book has so many positive points and lessons. It is a story about being true to yourself and sharing your whole self with others. The story is simple but it will be heard by many different ages.

It is a wonderful story with such a strong message. I hope you will check it out when it comes out.

It is important to laugh every day. It helps you stay healthy and lower anxiety. (Source) Our next book will help any child laugh more and share laughter with others.

The book is The Joke Machine by Theresa Julian and illustrated by Pat Lewis. This book is recommended for ages 8 to 12. This book teaches kids to write their own jokes, puns and more. It claims it will make you instantly funny, but there has to be some thought and humor to truly become funny. I love the ideas in the book. And with practice anyone can be come more funny. This book teaches how to do it with lots of humor. 

If you have someone who loves a good joke, wants to be a comedian or just needs more laughs in his or her life, check out this book. It would make a great stocking stuffer.

Unicorn Tales - A Guided Journal for a Magical Life
Our next book is Unicorn Tales: A Guided Journal for a Magical Life by Peg Couch. It is a journal to help the reader grow in confidence and self esteem. It focuses on confidence, kindness, happiness, faith, individuality, creativity, magic, and dreams. Let's face it those are all parts of our lives we need to focus on but especially tweens and teens and the journal does it with the theme of unicorns because who doesn't love unicorns. 

Unicorn Tales - A Guided Journal for a Magical Life

This book will help grow self worth in a fun way. Besides discussing the topics it asks questions and has places to write ones own thoughts, dreams and more. It is a fun and amazing book that is the perfect holiday gift for any girl.

Our next book is Craft Bombs, also by Peg Couch, is perfect for those messages we need to hear every day as well as to share it. There are tear out posters with positive messages, note to leave for others or yourself as well as cards to plan out how to do things like being kind to your community or friends. 

Most of the crafts, pull-outs and such are done in pink, black and white as you can see on the sample page above. This book speaks to tweens and is full of the positive messages we want them to hear (that is opposite of what society tells them). I love this book and think every tween girl needs one!

Our next book is for girls and women to take care of their skin. It is Make Your Own Beauty Masks by Emma Trithart. This book has 38 recipes that use regular household ingredients to make beauty masks. It also comes with ten paper face masks that you can soak and cover your face with while you have one of the beauty masks on your face so you won't be embarrassed to be seen. 

I love that the recipes use regular household products that you can easily find at the grocery store. I love that it explains how many of these products can help your skin. There are pages besides the recipes that talk about the ingredients. I wish it had an index of what each one does. You can see in the lower corner of the recipes what that mask will help with but I would love to see which recipes help reduce redness without having to flip through the entire book looking 
at the corners. That is my only suggestion for making the book better though. 

Our final book is Yoga Basics by C. Alexander Simpkins, Ph.D. and Annellen Simpkins, Ph.D. Of course taking care of one self needs to include some physical fitness and I personally find yoga to be the perfect form. It gives you the exercise as well as the mental break. This book gives an introduction to yoga and its history as well as poses, routines and information about meditation.

Yoga is such an amazing way to care for your body, mind and soul. It helps reduce anxiety and gets you moving. This book is perfect for beginners who are ready to learn more  about yoga and get started.