God's Work with Ministries and Books

Disclosure: BookLook sent me these books in exchange for honest reviews. All opinions are my own.

My main thoughts for 2018 is to take care of me. I want to find the time to exercise and to get myself healthy and fit as well as find time to connect with God each day. Today I am going to share some of our new endeavors and two great books to help me and Hazel with connecting with God. The other week I was at Hazel's school's chapel service and the principal shared one of the student's own ministries. She collects money to buy items homeless people would need. She packages them in a plastic bag and keeps them in her parents' cars so if they see someone begging on the street they can give them a bag. Hazel loved this idea and so did I. I always feel bad about not giving to them, but I also have heard not to because they buy drugs or some actually make more money then most of us just by begging. So Hazel and I went to Target and the Dollar Tree and bought some items and gallon bags.

I packaged them up and added a Scripture sticker on each about gifts from God or thanking God. Inside the bags are two pairs of socks, deodorant, toothpaste and a toothbrush, hand wipes, tissues, a small bar of soap, a mini first aid kit, a hat, a comb and a manicure set. 
I love the idea and had to share it with you!! This other student inspired Hazel as well. She wants to start a ministry to help animals. She is putting together a collection for our local shelter currently, but we came up with a name and a logo for her ministry.

She has also decided she will ask for donations for her birthday next year. I love how caring she is.

Our first book is for kids (suggested ages 6-10). It is 365 Bible Answers for Curious Kids by Kathryn Slattery. This book is a devotional that answers questions kids ask about God and the Bible. It starts with Creation and goes through many aspects of God and stories from the Bible. It answers things like "What Does It Mean That I'm Created 'in the Image of God'?" as well as "What Is a Parable?" and "Does It Matter to God How Much Time I Spend Online and Watching TV?" Can you see your child wondering about these things? If yes, this book is for him/her. Each devotion begins with a Scripture verse and ends with a prayer. Many of them also have other dates of devotionals that help expand understanding on the topic. This book is not completely about the Bible. It has things on people as well like Billy Graham, Harriet Tubman, Madeleine L'Engle and more as well as questions about society and events like why some people spell Christmas as Xmas. 

I find this book extremely helpful for kids who are curious and who worry. There is advice about things like good prayers for sick pets and more. There are also answers to questions I have heard parents struggle to answer when asked by their kids. I can honestly recommend this book.

Our next book is for the people who are too busy with life. You know the ones who are overbooked and have a hard time saying no as well as finding time for everything. The book is Sacred Rest by Cheryl Wunderlich. Wunderlich found herself forced to rest after receiving cancer diagnoses. As an active leader in church she found it hard to stop doing God's work but she turned to the Bible and realized our society is doing the opposite of what the Bible tells us. God wants us to rest and created us to rest after work. It is also important for us to rest and be still because this is when we connect with God.

The book is divided into nine sections: Living in Rhythm, Working Right, Navigating the Floods of Life, Bringing Our Burdens to Him, Resting Free of Sin, Resting in Genuine Belief, Abiding in His Presence, Looking Down from the Summit, Knowing True Friendship, and Being Still. The sections are full of short devotionals to help the reader understand the importance and how to rest and find God. Each one starts with scripture verses and then has a clear explanation and devotional on the topic and verse. Finally it ends with a short prayer for help to conquer the topic discussed. I love this book and can think of many friends who it would be perfect for and as someone who tries not to overschedule also realize it is perfect for people like me as well. It is a wonderful gift for anyone who may need some help slowing down and finding time for God and His creation. The book even has a page with "To, From, Date" on it. I am sure you will find this book as inspiring as me.

I hope you will check out both books.