Hidden Women -- a Multicultural Children's Book Day Review

Disclosure: Capstone Publishing sent me this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Have you seen Hidden Figures? It is in Hazel's top three favorite movies of all times. Our family went to see it on Martin Luther King Day last year. Last year I wrote about the real women in the story for Black History Month. And before the movie I had done a post about Katherine Johnson for a previous Black History Month. Needless to say this is a topic near and dear to us. I jumped at the chance to review a new book called Hidden Women: The African-American Mathematicians of NASA Who Helped Win the Space Race by Rebecca Rissman. 

This book starts with the African-American female pioneers of NASA or actually of NACA at that time and goes to female employees in current time. Most of them are African-American, but not all mentioned are. There are photographs of almost all of them mentioned in this book. The stories are less about the personal lives of these women than Hidden Figures shared and more about the work they did. Did you know one of Katherine Johnson's ideas that she published was tried during the Apollo 13 successful failure? Her idea in the end did not work but it was tried and luckily another idea did work and got the crew home safely. 

In truth I wish this book was around when I was teaching high school math. I remember girls telling me they couldn't do math and especially some black girls. I remember trying to convince them they could and I think holding these amazing women up as examples would have helped. This is a book that will inspire young ladies into STEM and at least give them the encouragement to try at math and science. The suggested grades are three to five but I think it could be used even higher. It is an easy read with short chapters but the words are powerful to see what these women lived through (and some are living through) and what changes have happened because of them. It is a wonderful book and truly a blessing to share these heroines of our country. It is a must check out book!!

To go with this book I looked for some rocket and spacecraft crafts. I fell in love with this rocket ship pencil case I found on YouTube. 

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