Photo Canvas from Canvas Factory Review & #Giveaway

Disclosure: Canvas Factory sent me this canvas of my photograph free of charge and is providing the giveaway prize in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Some links in this post are affiliate links where I will receive a small payment for your purchase at no cost to you. 

I know summer is over. Hazel is back to school, and she loves it. However I am still trying to capture the summer memories. We went on a family vacation in July to North Conway, New Hampshire. This year we went up to the summit of Mount Washington. It was our first time going. We took the guided van tour offered by the Mt. Washington Auto Road.  It had been suggested to us as the best way to get up by an employee at the Mount Washington Weather Discovery Center and Gift Shop. We loved it and would definitely recommend it. So I wanted to use one of our photos from our trip for our canvas print. My first idea was to use a family photograph from the summit. However we needed to crop it and the quality was not good enough. When it was cropped it was perfect for a portrait canvas. 
I had a few issues with communication with the customer service representative. I was not understanding that he could not change my order to a landscape. He had to reactivate my code and I had to start over. I decided to use this picture of Hazel with the beautiful scenery behind her.

To make the canvas I needed to resize the photo. To do this I went to  PicMonkey. While there I resized the photo and used the Auto Adjust. Then I decided to use the Overlay and Text features to label the photograph as to where and when it was taken. I chose a simple geometric overlay of an oval and matched the color to one of the blues in the sky. Then I saved the photo using the highest quality. (I often use PicMonkey to edit my photo and make collages for Crafty Moms Share.) Now it was ready to upload to Canvas Factory

Using the Canvas Factory site is very easy. I clicked the Create a Canvas button. I chose canvas and then chose a 16" x 20" canvas since this is what the code they gave me would get me. Currently all canvases are 65% off so be sure to go make your own! Next you upload the photo. They have an option to add text with a background as well. They did not have the oval shape as a choice so I used the one I added from PicMonkey. I also had to decide about the sides of the canvas. Last time I had the picture wrapped around the edges. This time the sides did not wrap all the way and I didn't like how it looked. I decided to use the color edge option. I was able to chose the color of the blue on my oval. 

I like how it came out. I love having the memory hanging on our wall. And it just makes me think about our vacation and all the fun we had on it. 

Once I used the high quality photo and did not crop it, the process was very easy. I also am impressed they did not want to use my poorer quality photo since it would not have come out as well. So do you have a memory you want to have put on a canvas? 

Canvas Factory is offering a free 16" x 20" canvas print for one of my readers. This giveaway is open to US and Canada residents only!! Good luck!! Please follow my Giveaway Rules