Color Snap App - a Relaxing Friday Review

Disclosure: Candlewick Press sent me this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

This week's Relaxing Friday is a coloring book more aimed at kids. It is Color, Snap, App! by Claire Fay. 

Inside the book there are pages to color a simple picture. The first one is of a boy. To go with the book you need to download the app BlinkBook on your phone or tablet. 
Hazel colored him. After coloring the picture you take a picture of the picture with your phone or tablet in the app. The black marks in the corners are to line up your camera. Then it makes a movie with the picture. The second picture is a house.

 I colored it in and took the picture. The app uses both pictures in the film. 

Next came the birds of paradise. The pages give a bit of information about the birds and their colors. I made my male rainbow.

Again all three pictures are used in the film. 

The book continues in this manner. Sometimes the film as all the past pictures and sometimes they only have a few. The book gives a bit of information about the animals, but not a lot. It is fun to see your creations come to life and move. Hazel commented on how it would be more fun to have options as to what happens in the movie, but I think this would be a bit hard to program. The suggested ages for this book are 5 to 9, so Hazel is on the top end of it and that may be why she wants it to do more. It is a fun twist to coloring, so be sure to check it out! What have you been coloring lately?