Baby Chomper's Bath Time -- Making the best of any situation

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Does your child fight you about taking a bath? My nephew was terrified of getting in water when he was young (from birth). It can be such a struggle when a child fears a bath. I honestly remember trying to get my nephew to swim with us in a lake on an extremely hot day, but he would not get into the water. He would go right up to the edge of the water but never quite in it even with his mother already in it. A book that may have helped is the sixth book in the Nuggies Books. It is Baby Chomper's Bath Time by Jeff Minich. This book comes out November 7th! 

Baby Chomper loves to get dirty. He however hates to get clean. Eventually he has to take a bath especially after the skunk sprayed him. Baby Chomper does everything he can to avoid the bath, but eventually gets put in the tub. What is he to do? Well with a bit of an imagination he is able to turn bath time into all sorts of adventures. In fact by the end he loves bath time!! 

The story is very simple and perfect for a child who fears or hates baths. Baby Chomper's solution may work for the child as well. Bath time can be such a fun time for a child when his or her imagination gets going. This book is a wonderful reminder of that. It also shows kids to look at the bright side of a situation. The illustrations are adorable. Baby Chomper is a cute little puppy that you can see getting into mischief as well as being lovable. The suggested ages for this book are 2-5 years-old. This book is perfect for that range. It is simple and has a clear message. I hope you will check it out!!

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