Resources for US Social Studies as well as Back to School

Disclosure: I was sent these books in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Are your kids getting ready for back to school? Or perhaps you are looking for some resources for your homeschool? Today's products are just for you. Hazel loves National Geographic Kids and is so excited whenever one of their books arrives, so I always jump at the chance to review them. Today I get to share four amazing books with you. Three are about United States history and geography and the fourth is a planner for kids!! I have to say Hazel LOVES these books. She is constantly reading them. The first book is National Geographic Kids Weird But True Daily Planner

In this fun planner all the dates from August 1 through July 31 are listed. Under the date are the days of the week. The owner can circle the day of the week that the date happens to fall that particular year. And yes February 29th is there! Under the days of the week five lines to write homework, appointments or dates. On each page there are weird but true facts like "In England, there's a museum with over 1,000 lawn gnomes." Some pages have pictures and others do not. At the beginning of each month there is a box to write goals for that month. 

Talk about a fun planner for kids. At the end there is a Homework Help section. It includes World Map information (as well as a world map) and how to read a map. It also has research help, writing report steps (Introduction, Body and Conclusion with details of each), as well as information about taxonomy and steps for being successful with oral reports. Then there are useful charts like conversions of measurements, a ruler on the edge of a page and a multiplication table. So check out this great planner and give your kids a great start for the school year!!

This past year Hazel learned about the American Revolution and fell in love with Liberty's Kids videos. Benjamin Franklin is a prominent character in the videos so she is very interested in him. Benjamin Franklin's Wise Words by K.M Kostyal and illustrated by Fred Harper taught her so much more about this amazing man and his life. The book uses quotes from Benjamin Franklin to share about life lessons as well as about things that happened in Ben's life including his childhood which was a part of his life Hazel did not know much about. We each read this book separately and found it very interesting. The life advice is perfect for kids. It is about being a good person, working smartly and playing well as well as making real friends. There is so much packed into this fun book.

Having just gone through quite the U.S. President Election this past year, Hazel's interest in government and the president in particular has grown. Weird But True Know-It-All: U.S. Presidents by Briana Dumont shares so many details about all the U.S. Presidents. This books gives information about every U.S. President from George Washington through Donald Trump. It gives information about each man's presidency and facts about what he was able to accomplish (or not) during it as well as at least one weird fact about him. Did you know Thomas Jefferson introduced French fries to America? The book begins with an introduction to the job and how it has evolved over time and interesting facts about the White House. The book is very informative and interesting to read. It is also very entertaining. This is a great book for anyone looking at the various presidents the United States has had.

Our final book for today is the perfect book for anyone wanting to teach about the various states (or anyone participating in our US Postcard Exchange--more about it later including how to join). The book is National Geographic Kids: United States Atlas, Fifth Edition. The book begins with ways to use the book and then looks at the United States as a whole. It includes the physical, natural, natural hazards, political, population and more. Then there is a look at Washington, DC. Then the book is divided into regional sections of the country: Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, West, and territories. Each state has a double page that includes a map, basic information, and all sorts of information about the state.
There is history of the state going back to the native people found in the area by the Europeans who settled there. This book is perfect for studying each state. At the end there is information about the US Territories including where they are located, their flags, populations and other basics. Then at the very back there is a page of U.S. Facts and Figures, Glossary and Postal Abbreviations.

This is a great resource for anyone teaching or studying about the different states. And of course the only thing better is to get a postcard from each state!! If you are interested join us by sending me an email with which state you would like to represent. Joining means you will send 49 postcards from your state and you will receive a postcard from each state! We still have many openings!! I hope you will join us!! Plus be sure to check out the fun books I shared here!