Let Your Light Shine Review

Disclosure: Wee Believers sent me these products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Last month I got to share with you the wonderful journaling Bible I have. Hazel was very jealous of this fun way to read God's word. However Wee Believers has saved me from sharing or purchasing another one. They have an amazing new line called Let Your Light Shine that is perfect for 8+ year old girls. I showed Hazel their collection and let her pick which items she liked best. She chose the Joy Devotional Journal and matching Joy Medium Accessory Case

I love that it has the matching the accessory to hold the colored pencils or special pens she will use in the journal. The pouch is a very good size and will quite a bit. It could also be used for other things from cosmetics to  small toys. Hazel has hid it away in her room so I do not know what she is keeping in it.

The devotional journals are wonderful. There is so much information and things to do in it.

Hazel decided on the Joy Devotional Journal because she liked some of the things in the description like the prayer wall.

There are activities from crafts and coloring to "quizzes" and reading. There is scripture through out the book and then there are pages for prayers as well as blank lined pages for journaling or sharing her thoughts with God. I love how much there is to help her grow in her relationship with God as well as learn more about herself. There are sections for learning more about God as well as for a nighttime routine. Here are a few pages to give you an idea of what is in it. 

I also chose an affirmation pillow for her. We decided on the Precious Affirmation Pillow because I loved that it shared that is was precious in God's eyes. 

Each affirmation pillow comes with a set of cards so the girl can write a prayer, a struggle or an affirmation as a message to God or herself. This pillow immediately found a home on Hazel's bed. She loves it!!

Now since all of these products are for Hazel's use it makes sense that she share her opinions with you. So here is Hazel's Corner!

I loved the pillow, journal, and pouch. I use the pouch and journal together. I  like to use them in my cardboard Snoopy playhouse with one of those electric candles. I keep a set of colored pencil, a cross pencil sharpener, a pen, and a pencil in the pouch. I like this journal because it has a pray wall to write down prayers, and it has origami, journaling space, quizzes and  coloring. I use the  cards in the pillow to write things I'm nervous about or praying for. I have a 2-person bed and I keep the pillow in the center. Over all, I say 5 out 5! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I love this entire line and hope you will check it out for your daughters or girls who are important in your life. The website recommends it for tweens (ages 8-12). Do you know someone who might like these products? Also there are free printables to go with this line so you can check them out before committing.