Spiritual Coloring Book -- A Relaxing Friday Review

Disclosure: I was sent this book to review free of charge from Quarto Books USA. All opinions in this post are my own. I did not receive any other compensation for this review. I am including links to each item for your convenience but do not receive anything if you purchase them.

Today I am going to share one of the new coloring books I'm a bit obsessed with. It is Spiritual Coloring Book by Andrea Sargent.

It says in the introduction that the pictures in this book are meant to help relax and calm you and they do. They are not from one religious group however there are some that are obviously Christian, Jewish, Muslim, etc. in design. The pages are single sided which I love. The images are beautiful and not as intricate so they are not as overwhelming. I can do a page in a day for the most part, but there are some pages where I color a bit and stop and come back when I want. I will start with one of my favorite pages which is actually the cover print as well or at least part of the cover print.
I am considering taking this one out and framing it. I just love the feeling it gives me. But really they are all beautiful. I also love this Celtic knot one. (Perhaps it is the Irish in me.)
Then there are more religious ones like this cross.
Or this design that reminds me a bit of henna hands.
There are also ones with dragons, the Star of David and more!! Then there are ones with just things like flowers and designs that do not necessarily tie to one religion or culture.

I have to say this is one of my favorite coloring books yet. I keep coming back to it instead of trying a new one (and I have quite a pile of new ones). I hope you will check it out and add some relaxation to your day!!