Colored Pencil Pocket Palette & Pop of Color Colored Pencils -- A Relaxing Friday Review

Disclosure: I was sent these products to review free of charge from Quarto Books USA. All opinions in this post are my own. I did not receive any other compensation for this review. I am including links to each item for your convenience but do not receive anything if you purchase them.

I have been so busy with back to school that I haven't done a Relaxing Friday review in quite awhile!! And I have quite the collection of coloring books and supplies to review with you! Today we are focusing on colored pencils. Now I will admit these are not my favorite tool to use when coloring, but they have many benefits that markers and gel pens do not have. I was interested in seeing what Colored Pencil Pocket Palette by Jane Strother explained with using colored pencils.
This book is divided into different sections. First there is an introduction section that includes information about the book, about the basic palette used, and mixing the colors with pencils. Then there are two chapters: Mixing Palettes and Coloring Pages. The Mixing Palettes have a page that starts with one of the twelve basic colors and mixes it with all the other colors and provides a page for you to try it yourself. They used regular colored pencils as well as watercolor colored pencils. (I happened to find some watercolor ones on sale at Michaels a few weeks ago since I couldn't find the ones I had anywhere.)
For the regular colored pencils I used Pop of Color Colored Pencils. (Quarto Publishing was kind enough to send me them with the book.)

I also used these pencils on the coloring pages that I started. The coloring pages are small but full of design. The book is about 6-inches by 7.5-inches in size. They have a variety of patterns, animals, flowers and lots of fun pages to color.
I think I may make this hummingbird picture into a card for my father. He loves these little birds!!
In this rose picture I tried some of the mixing of the colors. Can you tell?

This is one of my favorites. I love the girl sleeping under a homemade quilt. It reminds me of Hazel. 

Overall this book and pencils did not change my mind in favoring my gel pens and markers to pencils, but it was fun to explore and provided some fun picture to color. And if you like coloring with pencils better these pencils and book are for you!! What is your coloring preference?