Princess Hazel -- I See Me! Personalized Book Review for National Princess Week

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Did you know there is a National Princess Week every April? It is always the last full week in April. It started in 2012 when Julie Andrews, Target and Disney joined together to create it. Julie Andrews's website says "Believe in yourself! Only then can you truly let your sparkle out for all the world to see." (Source) The website also has a post of 30 Ways to Celebrate National Princess Week.  We chose a fun way to celebrate and started a bit early. I See Me! sent us the Princess Personalized Book. All I have to say is Hazel was really excited when it came!

 When you order this book you are asked all sorts of questions from the child's name, town and favorite color as well as hair and skin color. Plus they even asked for a name for the pony. Where else can a princess get a book that has her own picture hanging on the castle wall with the kingdom map labeled with her town's name.

 The castle is always referred to with the Princess's last name as well. And Hazel's name appears in many of the pictures as well as in the story. There is also always a dedication page in these great books.

When the book first arrived Hazel read it right away. I then went to cook dinner and when I came back I found her like this:
She had put on her Esther gown and accessorized and was riding Sparkle (I named her pony Sparkle in the book). She could not wait for the next day to be able to wear a dress and tiara. I made her pose with the book.

She brought the book up to my parents so she could read it to them and show them her picture in it. In the story Princess Hazel has a Princess Tea Party, so we decided to have one as well. 

We got busy that day so our tea party ended up being part of dinner. Steve even wore a crown for a bit for Hazel.

We made tea party sandwiches (bread cut with flower cookie cuttter spread with strawberry cream cheese and topped with a strawberry piece or spread with an herbed spreadable cheese and topped with a cucumber slice). Plus we bought some raspberry tarts for dessert. I made a pot of Peach Tranquility Tea with honey in it. We all love it. Hazel also dressed for the occasion and loved us wearing our tiara headbands we had leftover from her fourth birthday party

She is wearing an outfit from the new Fruit Punch line from Girls clothes by Gymboree. She is very excited for all the flamingo clothes and the plush flamingo purse in the line. Of course if you have been following us for long you know how much she loves flamingos. I mean it is not every girl who wants a flamingo birthday party.  We had so much fun at our princess tea party we even made the sandwiches and iced tea for breakfast one morning of her vacation week.
Overall we have been loving celebrating National Princess Week. We are loving our princess tea parties and the book, Princess Hazel!

For more ideas to celebrate this fun week check out some real princesses and the history of the fairy tale princesses. I did some research for her princess birthday party and printed it on the food cards (free downloads at the post). As you learn about the princesses from around the world turn it into a social studies lesson and learn a bit about their countries with Little Passports World Edition: 1 year.

For older girls read some of the great chapter books about not your ordinary frilly princesses like the Princess in Black series and the Mystic Princesses. And of course make your own tiaras or crowns and scepters or wands like we did at Hazel's princess party. Just make sure to add some sparkle!! To me the best part of this national week is being able to show Hazel that princesses do not just sit around and have tea parties but they help charities and change the world. The sparkle and tea parties are fun too though!!