Make Ways for Ducklings Turns 75! -- Book Review & More

Disclosure: Penguin Random House gave me a copy of these books free of charge for this review in return for an honest review. All opinions in my review are my own and I did not receive any other compensation.  As in all my reviews I am providing links for your ease, but receive no compensation.

Ducks have been very important in our lives for the last seven years. Hazel's birth announcements were duck magnets. Then there is Ducky. Who knew her lovey would be a duck? After all this she has loved ducks all of her life. She gets very excited every spring when our spring visitors return to the brook that runs along our back yard.
Hazel has been going out every morning to feed her (and now her mate) as well as check on them after school. It is really exciting for her that the classic book, Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey turns 75 this year! A special version has been put out for this anniversary. It includes the classic book, a CD and a poster.

If you do not know this classic book that was originally published in 1941, it is about Mr. and Mrs. Mallard who are flying around to find a good place to nest and raise a family. They finally decide on a spot on an island on the Charles River. There they meet a policeman who feeds them peanuts. Then Mrs. Mallard lays her eggs and soon they have eight ducklings. Mr. Mallard goes off to explore the river a bit and they decide to meet at the Public Gardens where they first landed in Boston. The policeman hears them trying to cross the busy street and stops traffic for them and then calls to the station to have more police help these ducks make their journey. This is a feel good story and it is wonderful to see the people taking care of the animals. 

A Duck Family We Saw in Our Neighborhood

I recently read an article on-line where Robert McCloskey shares that he saw ducks in the Public Gardens and  a few years later heard stories about the ducks causing traffic problems and that is from where the inspiration for this book came. The story describes various neighborhoods and sites throughout Boston as well. Even though it has been 75 years the story still rings true for Boston and yet brings the reader back to a simpler time.

We had to stop to let them cross!
Now since this book takes place in Boston and we live in Greater Boston, we know all about the book and the story. It is the official storybook of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. There is a bookstore in Boston called Make Way for Ducklings (its sister store is across the Charles River and is called the Curious George Bookstore). On Mother's Day there is a Duckling Day Parade sponsored by the Friends of the Public Garden. I've never taken Hazel in but I am sure it is adorable. The kids often dress up. And of course there is the statue of Mrs. Mallard and the ducklings in the Boston Public Gardens. The statue is by Nancy Schön. The statue was put in the Public Gardens in 1987. Mrs. Mallard is 38 inches high. The entire statue is 35 feet long and is installed on old cobblestone. A similar statue was donated to the children of Moscow, Russia in the name of American children in 1991. (Source) We took Hazel to see the statue as well as take a ride on the swan boats a few years ago.

Hazel was so excited to see the statues. She couldn't wait. We had been reading the book quite a bit before we went. We are due for another trip to the Public Gardens.

There is also a furniture store near us that has Beantown which is a jellybean representation of Boston (aka Bean Town). Included in this is the Make Way for Ducklings statue. Going to the furniture store is always an experience and is a common place to take visitors. They are restaurants, ice cream and an IMAX theater in the store as well.

As you can see Make Way for Ducklings is all around us and so are ducks!! I hope you will take time to check out this great anniversary edition. Hazel cannot wait to hang the poster in her room!! Between the ducks and the parts of Boston she LOVES it!  To go with this amazing book I thought I would do a round-up of our various duck crafts.

1) Paper plate swimming duck

2) Paper plate ducks

3) Thumbprint duck

4) Duck peg doll

5) Duck hand sanitizer favors

6) Balloon duck

7) Duck cake

8) Duck bag

9) Paper pom pom duck

10) Pine cone ducks