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Disclosure: Tuttle Publishing gave me a copy of this kit and packages of origami paper free of charge for this review. All opinions in my review are my own and I did not receive any other compensation. As in all my reviews I am providing links for your ease, but receive no compensation.

One of our favorite crafts is origami. Now I love origami for many different reasons including teaching math. Hazel loves creating the various things. Today we are sharing Origami Fun for Kids by Rita Foelker as well as two packs of origami paper: Japanese Bird Patterns and Kaleidoscope Patterns

This fun kit comes with an instruction book, instructional DVD as well as 60 sheets of origami paper to complete the projects in the book (and on the DVD). I always like origami kits with a DVD because it gives Hazel a bit of independence. This particular day she was home sick and I let her put the DVD on and try some of the origami herself. 

 She followed the DVD and was able to make a heart as well as a house and a snail (but my picture did not come out well of the snail and I'm not sure where she put it). She did these on her own with the DVD.

 She got a bit frustrated with the boat and six pointed star. This is when I came to help her. I decided to try out some of the fun Kaleidoscope Pattern papers. Hazel's one complaint about the video is that they do not talk. In one DVD she watched the person used the folds to tell a story and she found this easier to follow. Though to be quite honest I remember her getting frustrated with that one as well.

 This package has eight fun designs and 96 sheets.

 Since she needed help with the six pointed star I made one with her.

 She was able to make one with a bit of help and explanation.

 Now that I was in the room helping, she wanted to try the finger puppets. This was a very fun project!! The kit has pages to make kings, queens, princesses, princes, fairies, gnomes and jesters. The pages are left for the child to color and make each character his or her own. There are also pages without much details to make these finger puppets. 
The finger puppets are pretty easy to make. I only got a little confused with the ones with crowns, but was able to figure them out quickly enough. Once she learned how to make the finger puppets that is all she wanted to make. She loves them!! I however could not wait to try to make the pencil holder.

For what I call the crayon holders I used origami paper. One of them is made with a sheet of the Japanese Bird Patterns paper

This package has eight designs and 48 double-sided sheets.
The larger pencil holders are made with 12 x 12 scrapbook paper. However I found they are not steady with or without pencils in them. I was a little disappointed in them. I bought a beautiful origami pencil holder at a craft fair once and was envisioning it more like that, but it was very easy to fold and the little ones are cute for a few crayons or short pencils. 

Overall we have really enjoyed this kit and the packages of beautiful paper. I love that there are some projects Hazel could make without me helping her. And I love that she can play with the finger puppets after she makes them.  We definitely recommend all three of these products!!

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