Easy Christmas Thank You Notes -- Free Printable

Did you have a nice holiday? We had such a great time with family. It is always nice to be back with my parents and sisters and to see my nephew!! We do not get to see my oldest sister and nephew all that much since they live in North Carolina. Hazel got just about everything she wanted and some things she didn't know that she wanted (or that they existed or they would have been on her wish list). Now that Christmas is over it is time to write the thank you notes. As a beginner reader and writer I wanted to make this task relatively easy on her and me. I made up some fill-in-the-blank thank you notes.

I always like to teach her gratitude. She did turn to me on the 26th and say she was very lucky to have gotten so many great gifts. Now I want her to thank the people who gave them to her. With this simple card she can write them herself. I had been eyeing some at work, but they didn't go on sale yet and I figured it would be more personal to make our own. I printed them on 8.5 by 11 cardstock and cut them into fourths. I find it easier to print on the whole page then the precut sizes. I bought A2 red envelopes for her to mail them in. If she has time she color on the opposite side or even stamp and/or heat emboss it. 

I am providing a pdf file of these easy thank you notes for you to print for your child!! The page will print out like the picture below. These are for personal use only and not for sale. If you would like to share them please provide a link back to this post.

 Now we are in full mode of preparing for Hazel's birthday. On her birthday we are having a Ducky themed party with family and adult friends and such. I made a few changes to the thank you notes and have the perfect thank yous for the party. I used My Memories Suite 7.0 to create a cute picture which we are using on her plates as well. We could not find any ducky plates at any of the stores today so we bought clear ones and are gluing on a similar picture (but with Happy Birthday, Hazel! on it) on to the bottom. We decided to use a picture of Ducky (well a new one that is for sale on ebay) instead of a rubber ducky.

Then in after the kids are back in school we will be having her classmates over for her big Wild Kratts party. More to follow on that!

We already need the ducky thank you notes. When we got home yesterday there was a package for Hazel from Tuttle Publishing.  She was very excited to get these great origami supplies!!
 I see us doing some origami animals for her Wild Kratts party. What perfect timing!! Thank you, Ann at Tuttle!!