Ducky Themed Birthday Party

This week we are getting ready for Hazel's birthday. Our tradition is to do a family/mostly adult party for Hazel on her birthday and then have a bigger kid oriented one later with her school friends since her birthday is always over Christmas break. This year she wanted her family party to have a ducky theme. I thought this would be easy. I had bought some duck printable paper ages ago so I used it for the invitations. I found a few cute ideas for wording on-line and combined the parts I liked.

When I showed the invitation to Hazel she loved it!! She still laughs at some of the wording. Then I decided to go buy some duck plates and/or napkins. I knew I had seen load of them in baby shower areas, but was surprised to discover none. I could buy them on-line, if I had planned ahead. I did not. I was positive I could easily find them at one of the stores we frequent or go to Party City. We looked and had no luck. Finally we found some clear plastic plates on clearance at Michael's (apparently they are for the holidays only). Then I found a picture of a new ducky on-line (it is discontinued but luckily we found one close to Ducky at least on ebay) and I used My Memories Suite to make a cute picture to glue to the plates. Now we have personalized plates for the cake!
 We are going to make some cups as well. I have yellow cups and will glue two black circles and an orange half circle or beak shape on to them. We bought some generic Happy Birthday napkins. 

I also made a paper pom pom ducky. I used the methods of Paper Pom Poms & Other Party Decorations to make a large and a small pom pom for the body and the head. I attached them together and added black sticker eyes and a orange crepe paper beak. The top layer of the body I tried to make look more like wings. I think he is adorable. I think we will hang him from one of the chandeliers. 

I also decorated a yellow balloon to be a duck. I used my Chalk Ola markers on the balloon. I am thinking about hanging some of these from the other chandelier and making some for the kids to play a game of keep the duck in the air.

Now I bought some rubber ducks on sale once the decision was made to have a ducky themed party. Since there will only be a couple of children (one to three other than Hazel), I was doing special little goody bags for them. I bought some yellow bags at Dollar Tree and added a ducky face with markers and the orange crepe paper. 

 I found some yellow glitter hand sanitizer and thought the kids would like it decorated as a ducky as well. A little tissue paper and tape to cover the lid and make wings. Then used a black marker for the eyes and a small piece of the orange crepe paper. The crafts we still need to make are the cups and I the pin the feather on the duck game. I bought a piece of blue glitter paper to put the duck on, now I just need to cut out the duck. It should be fun though!!

Post Note:

We made a ducky cake. I followed most of the instructions at Betty Crocker.  

I added the lemon slices for the tail, but in the end had to stabilize them with toothpicks.