Sewing and Family

This is a very busy and somewhat stressful week in my house, but I wanted to hop on here and share a few things. I have my 12-year-old nephew visiting because he was staying with my parents, but my mom is having surgery on her heart tomorrow, so we are watching him while my parents are in the hospital. As a result, I have not had much time to share things or make things. Here are a few things I have sewn lately.

I made Hazel a fun pillow case dress with fairy pockets. I hoped to make one for her doll as well, but I didn't have enough fabric. Oh, well. There are tutorials for these dresses all over. Here is one on Sew Like My Mom: Easiest Pillowcase Dress Ever.

Hazel has been wanting a mermaid tale for her dolls (well actually she wants a couple in different colors). I have been playing with patterns including one I found at Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop: Dressing Up Dolly: Mermaid Tail. She had a pattern for a 15-inch doll, so I made my own. I also am making a green one using a method someone showed me that sells them professionally. It is not done, so I won't share pictures yet.

I will post a pattern and tutorial for the mermaid tale once I have the pattern finalized to what I like best. Sharing Saturday will still be happening, so stay tuned!