Easy Paper Doll Clothes and Creations

The other day I found sticky notes that were shaped as shirts in a bargain bin. My first thought was that they would be fun to dress up the cardstock people I bought ages ago. I pulled them out and then pulled out some cupcake liners and crepe streamers as skirts. Hazel and I had fun making them.

The shirts do not fit the people form 100%, but they are good enough for us. We used yarn for hair and Hazel drew on faces. We added a little glue to the bottom of the shirts when we glued on the skirts.

Hazel made up stories with them. I offered to glue sticks onto them to make the puppets, but she liked them this way. As she told me a story with them, she also mentioned that making them is more fun than playing with them. She also picked out one to be her and one to me.

I thought the one with the butterfly skirt and brown hair should be me, but she picked the long yellow hair. I guess she really enjoyed them, because when I was making something else the next day, she made this one.

She told me she used tape instead of glue so she wouldn't have to wait for it to dry. I need to put some of our people away so we will have them to make mermaids at her mermaid themed play date in August. Otherwise she will be using them all up on me very quickly.

These dolls remind me of Flat Stanley. Anyone want to make a Flat Stanley for us so he can continue his trip around the world?

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