Color Experiments: Exploring Shades and Intermediate Colors

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We continued our color experiments. This time we looked at shades of a color and the intermediate colors. We started with violet. We added blue to make blue violet, red to make red violet, white to make it lighter and black to make it darker. We also mixed some red and blue to make a violet. Our set up was simple, violet, blue, red, white and black paint, an empty plastic egg carton, brushes and paper.

We started with the violet out of the bottle. Then we had fun mixing.

The first color is what I got mixing blue and red. The second color is straight from the bottle. The third color is violet with a little blue. The fourth color is the violet with lots of blue (Hazel kept adding it). The fifth color is violet with a good amount of white. The sixth color is violet with some black. The seventh color is violet with some red. The eighth color is color four with some white. I painted this guide so we could see all the colors we created.

Hazel on the other hand started to make a picture.

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