Virtual Book Club for Kids: Hopper Hunts for Spring

We have been having so much fun with Marcus Pfister books this month, we decided to share a second one. If you missed our first post for Virtual Book Club for Kids this month, we shared Ava's Poppy. Today we are going to share Hopper Hunts for Spring.

In this fun book, a small bunny named Hopper is told by his mother that Spring is coming. Hopper misunderstands and thinks Spring is another animal. He sets out to find Spring so he can have a new playmate. Along the way he meets a mole and a bear. The bear and he have a snack of honey before the bear brings Hopper home. At home his mother explains that Spring is not an animal, but a season with warmer temperatures. Hopper is at first disappointed until his mother reminds him he made a new friend, the bear.

To go with this book, we did a simple word hunt. I printed off twelve words: all four seasons and some words from the book. You can click on the picture to download a copy of the words we used. Next I cut out the words and put them in plastic Easter eggs. 

Next I hid the eggs and Hazel had to find them. This is one of her favorite activities and we had to do it over and over again. Each time she had to open the eggs and find the word "Spring". Since she is still learning to sound out words, we practiced some of this with the words. 

If you have more than one child, another option would be to put the eggs in a basket and have each child take one (or more) eggs until the word "Spring" is found. There are so many variations you can do with this activity and you can use any words you want. Hazel loved it and it went perfectly with the story.

Another fun activity to go with this book would be to go for a walk outside looking for signs of spring. We did this last year (pictures are below) when it was warmer outside. This year it has been so brutally cold here, I haven't wanted to go for the walk yet. Plus the snow is almost gone now, but we still need boots to really look for any flowers, etc. poking up. We did however see a robin the other day. There is some hope for spring!!

For those that do not know about  Virtual Book Club for Kids, I have joined with an amazing group of bloggers to present books from a selected author each month. We then host a blog hop for anyone to add a post with an activity or craft to go with a book by our selected author. This month's author is Marcus Pfister.The amazing blogs that bring you this fun book club are:

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Now it is your turn. Have you done an activity or craft to go with a Marcus Pfister book? If so, please share it here. Plus check out all the great ideas that are shared to go with many of his amazing books!