Craft Kits and More from Oriental Trading

Disclosure: I was sent these items to review free of charge from Oriental Trading. All opinions in this post are my own. I did not receive any other compensation for this review.

Spring is on its way. Yesterday it was in the mid-50's and it felt amazing you. We had to get outside even though Hazel stayed home from school because she has been sick. Of course now we have rain coming that will turn to snow. Ah, New England weather--gotta love it or hate it! Needless to say we have been a bit stir crazy and cannot wait for spring, so we decided to try some of Oriental Trading's spring craft kits.

The first is Hazel's favorite. Hazel chose the Colorful Spring Flowers Pinwheel Craft Kit. We had a hard time deciding between these and the Daffodil Pinwheel Craft Kit, but Hazel decided to go with the different colors. She wanted to make them all and put some on our kitchen table and some in our front window so everyone could see them as we hope for spring.

The kit came with enough supplies to make twelve pinwheel flowers and they were relatively simple to do. Hazel really enjoyed making them. We switched around where the polka dots went (inside or outside). 

After making all twelve, Hazel wants to make more. Looks like I may need to get the daffodil kit after all.

Our next craft is the Clothespin Grasshopper Craft Kit. We love Ant and Grasshopper by Luli Gray, so I'm always looking for a good grasshopper craft (and ant craft). These grasshoppers were so easy to make. It involved wrapping pipe cleaners around the top part of the clip to make the antennae and the securing the legs with a green sticker foam the length of the clothespin on the bottom. Shaping both and adding eyes. Each comes with a leaf with a poem about grasshoppers. The kit comes with individually packaged craft kits to make twelve. (I'm not sure what we are going to do with twelve of them.) Hazel, of course, asked questions about grasshoppers and I remembered we had just gotten a book on them from our used book store, so we pulled it out and read it. I love how the crafts now get her so inquisitive about the animals and life. I think I will have to get the Ant Clothespin Craft Kit next so we will have both bugs from our favorite book.

Our final craft I fell in love with and had to try. I haven't gotten Hazel to sit down long enough to do it, but expect to share this one with you again after we get some more done. The craft is the Sparkling Egg Ornament Craft Kit. The kit again comes with twelve separate kits to make twelve eggs. They are time consuming, but are a great craft to do in front of the television. I am hoping to have Hazel be creative and not just do stripes. I made two up so far in the stripe model. The one thing that was confusing is the instructions talk about some ribbons you are suppose to glue on to have guidelines for your stripes, but my kits did not have the ribbons. I estimated my stripes and am very happy with how they came out. Truth be told, I could always use some of the ribbon I have in my supplies. 

I think we might have to have an Easter tree this year with these great ornaments. Like I said, expect to see these again, after I get Hazel doing some with me. She is too excited to dye Easter eggs so she hasn't wanted to do this craft. It however is very easy since it comes with plastic "pins" that are not too sharp, the sequins and foam eggs. Then you glue the tie and bow on at the end. So easy and so pretty--a perfect craft!

Then with spring comes my church's stewardship campaign. As the head of the Stewardship Ministries Team, I am in charge of it. A couple of years ago we started a tradition of having a Stewardship Luncheon after we collect the pledge cards. To do this we need all the paper and plastic products. I happened to find some pretty flowery paper products at an amazing price on clearance at a local store, but the expensive thing is the round table cloths. I got a package of the Bright & Colorful Round Tablecloths for our luncheon. I will post pictures of the tables set up after the lunch in April.

The other idea my committee has this year is to give a Faith Stone to each parishioner when they drop their pledge card in our box and the minister blesses them. Oriental Trading sent us four dozen of these beautiful stones. We are all so excited for this surprise as part of the pledge drive. Each set has the same set of words on them. Aren't they beautiful?

So that has been our fun of crafting and stewardship from Oriental Trading!! They have some amazing spring and Easter crafts so you should go check them out!! 

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