Shindigz Party Supplies & DYI Ideas Review

Disclosure: I was given a gift certificate to purchase the items I share here. All opinions are my own.

Now those of you who have been following know how excited I get for Hazel's birthday. I tend to go overboard with the party. I jumped at the opportunity from Shindigz Party Supplies to be given a gift certificate to review some of their DIY Supplies. Now Hazel's birthday is not until December and we often have the party in January--well New Year's Day. This year we are planning on the big family and family friend party then and doing a half birthday party for her school friends (and friends her own age). 

Hazel and I sat down at the computer and went through all the birthday party ideas on Shindigz's site. Now as we were looking at them, many of them she said she wanted, but when she had to choose, it came down to a Minnie Mouse/Daisy Duck (and possibly Mickey's Clubhouse) party and a flamingo party. Since she is known to change her mind, I figured I would do mostly generic things for this review.  Here is what we bought.

The only things absolutely having to do with her themes are the Minnie Mouse watercolor paint boards as favors (I bought 3 packages of them) which were on clearance and a jointed flamingo cut out. Let's face it with Hazel's love of flamingos, this can be used for so many things. Now the hardest part of this for me was trying to figure out what to get with my gift certificate. My order including shipping could not be over the amount in order for me to use it and I had so many great ideas. The other thing I bought because it was on clearance is the mini gingerbread cutouts. I got these for an activity at church I am helping plan. Since we are displacing the gingerbread houses that are on display every year, we thought we would mark where we are moving them to with some cutouts like these and the price was too good to pass up. Everything else I ordered was to try one of their crafts or put my own twist on them.

I ordered five of the votive holders so I could decorate them for her parties. She is turning five this year.  I loved their idea of the DIY Pink Dazzle Round Votive Holder. I bought the light pink dazzle glittered ribbon for the bow.
I did not use glue on mine yet, so my bow is not perfect on it. I know it will be great at the Minnie Mouse party though. I am thinking I will use battery-operated tea lights or votives in these.
Now I also was inspired by many of their other candle options. In particular I love their DIY Glitter Snowflake Votive Candle Holder. Since we are not having a snow/winter theme to our party, this wouldn't work. I changed it to be polka dots with the embellishment being a heart button (I bought a package on clearance ages ago) and a Minnie Mouse and/or Daisy Duck sticker. I bought the polka dot ribbon for this as well as the washi tape. For the washi tape I bought two shades of pink and the purple (for Daisy). I loved how easy the washi tape was to use for this.
After playing with these. I sat Hazel down to ask which was going to be the kids party and which was going to be the family and family friends party. She decided she wanted the Minnie Mouse/Daisy Duck to be for her age friends and the flamingo party for the adult one. So I took all of my decorations off and went with the DIY Pink Tulle Votive Candle idea.
I thought this would be a better look for the flamingo party, so I did all five in this. I bought two colors of the 6-inch pink tulle (pink and hot pink), so I made some of each. I also plan to use the tulle to decorate the doors and possibly any thing for the tables. I also have the tulle we used for decorating for the princess party last year, so I can use that again this year.

I may try to find some flamingo embellishments to put on the bows. We'll see if I can find any.

The final product I bought was the cobwebs to make this Halloween decoration. Hazel and I just finished reading Charlotte's Web for the second time, so I thought she might enjoy this one for that as well. I quickly just threw this one together to show you, but plan to redo it with Hazel closer to Halloween. Now I used a recycled jar and I know we have the spiders in our Halloween supplies, but the cobwebs had some in with it, so I used those.
Now there are some decorations and favor ideas I hope to make for the parties, but have not yet. One is the DIY Pink Tulle Poms. I have the tulle to make them already.

I also love these lollipop favor displays, but since the party is not until December or June, I thought it was too early to try this yet. I chose to share the princess themed ones, but they have many different themes.

Now I considered ordering some of the personalize things like the stickers and banners, but decided with the software I have I can make them myself and did not want to lose the chance to try some new things. I also wanted to spend this money on things I might not allow myself to buy otherwise. I also have to say how quickly my order came (less than one week) and how easy it all was. Plus they send you entertaining emails when you place an order and when your order is shipped. They are not the same boring emails most companies send. So next time you are planning a party, I hope you will stop by Shindigz and check out what they have to offer. I know I plan to order more from them for these parties! Stay tuned for more on them as we get closer!


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