Donald Crews Part 2: Ten Black Dots

We have a winner!! Congratulations to Doreen W. for winning the Room on the Broom DVD!
Today I am going to share our second book for this month's author in the Virtual Book Club for Kids. This month's author is Donald Crews. Last week we shared Carousel. This week we are going to share Ten Black Dots. If you do not know anything about the Virtual Book Club for Kids, you can check out my post last week or click the button on the left which will take you to the Book Club's Facebook page.

This book goes through what one black dot can make all the way up to what ten black dots can make. We discussed our own ideas. We thought one could be a smiley face. Two could be bicycle wheels. Three could make a Mickey Mouse (or Minnie Mouse as Hazel is sure to add). We stopped at three though. 

For one month this summer, the children's librarian at our public library read this book each week for the preschool story time. We only made it to two of them that month. We went to the first and second ones. At the first one she read the book in a normal fashion. Then she gave the kids pictures to color with spots to fill in with dot stickers. We capitalized on this idea and did several of these. Actually, this has been Hazel's independent activity each morning when she wakes up while I get to sleep a bit later.
I gave her the letters of her name. I got the letters from However I found them at Simply Montessori with the link there to download them. She started doing those in patterns. I gave her corn (one of her favorite foods) and some other pictures. The birthday cake came from Dot Marker Printables. The corn and tree came from DLTK Kids. I also found these wonderful ones of the Disney Princesses on The Activity Mom.

Now I gave her dot stickers, her dot markers and then we also punched some paper out. I had intended for us to make our own black dot pictures, but we never did. We did however make an apple tree.
Hazel colored the tree and then glued on the red dots we had punched out.

The second week of the story time, the librarian read the story backwards--starting with ten. The project was to make a paper watermelon slice (half a paper plate colored and then a semicircle of construction paper glued on) and count out ten small black beans for the seeds. The Watermelon Counting Game is to be played with a friend. The friend chooses a number between one and ten and you have to put that many seeds on your watermelon.

So that is what we did with Ten Black Dots. I know there are many more things you can do. Several of them are here and there are even more if you Google them. Now here is the blog hop. If you have an activity, craft, etc. to go with a Donald Crews book, add it here!