Math Lesson: Number Importance & Number Sense

Today I am sharing two books with you. We have been enjoying each of them and one will teach why numbers are important and the other will help teach about twelve as well as dividing. I made up simple worksheets to go with both books.

Our first book is Missing Math: A Number Mystery by Loreen Leedy. This book is a wonderful story (one of Hazel's favorites) about a town where all the numbers disappear. Throughout the book there are vocabulary words like numberless, infinity, and more. The words are used in the story but then are defined in another spot on the same page. I put a place to define each word on my worksheet as well as think about where numbers are used in a child's own life. The book gives many examples like birthdays, time, dates, sizes and many more! You can click here to get your own copy of the worksheet.

Our second book is A Dozen Cousins: Exploring the Number 12 by Marcia S. Freeman. This book discusses the word dozen and its meaning. It has plenty of places to practice counting up to 12 as well. It also goes into dividing a dozen into equal groups. It also introduces the reason 12 is important to us--the number of full moons in a year and thus the number of months. For this book's worksheet I suggest giving the child 12 objects (we used marbles) to have them work some calculations out. You can get the worksheet here.

We went through the activities with marbles and I took pictures of Hazel dividing them into groups but did not take pictures of the subtracting. For the dividing I suggested counting out the number of groups we wanted and adding one to each group until she ran out.

I hope you enjoyed today's math lesson!! The next one will be for older kids and especially for the ones who do not like math.

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  1. Great lesson! You've given me an idea for the new marbles I just bought :) Thanks for sharing at the After School linky!


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