After the Storm--Book Review

On Sunday I heard about this great children's book in church. The author is also a member of the United Church of Christ at a different church than mine. She is a board certified clinical nurse specialist in child psychology and mental health nursing. When she joined a group from her church to go on a mission trip to New Orleans, she was asked to do a puppet show for the children who were trying to deal with the loss after Katrina. This story is what she came up with for the puppet show. She performed it for five elementary schools there. Someone suggested she write the story as a book so she could help even more children. She decided to do so and the first issue she ran into was finding an illustrator. She happened to read a UCC newsletter where my church was mentioned involving a couple of artist members doing a project. She contacted my church and was put in touch with Alexandra Parker who is a nursing student at Drexel University. Our church was celebrating their accomplishment.

Now Wendy Parker, self-published this book. It is available at Amazon. Her goal is to reach as many people who need it that can use it. So if you have connections with schools, churches, etc. in any area that has been hit by a severe storm, please pass them this information.

This story is about a group of animals who find one another after they all lose their homes and friends in a storm. They decide it is better to work together than to be mad, sad, etc. by themselves. Together they help one another and become a family of sorts. It is an adorable story and is perfect for anyone who may have lost a house, friend, etc. It is intended for ages four to six years-old.

Please help me spread the word about this amazing resource for young children going through a crisis. Pass on the name, the link, etc. to anyone who may be in need of it. Thank you!!