Teddy Bear Ears (Teddy Bear Picnic Preparation)

We had a wonderful family day today. I will share the details for Happy Family Times. As a result we have not done too many crafts, but we are preparing for Hazel's teddy bear picnic that we are hosting next week. So here is a simple craft I have been doing at night. I have been hand sewing them, though the machine would probably be faster, but I've been doing them in front of the television and like the quiet of hand sewing. We are making a pair for each person coming to the picnic. 

4 felt/fabric ear shapes (I used a furry felt, but any fabric would work)
1 headband
pins and scissors

Take two of your fabric ears and put right sides together and pin to hold in place. Then stitch around the side (I did about 1/2 inch seam). 
Then clip the curves. (This means make small cuts up to the stitches where the object is curved. This will help it lay correctly when you turn it the right way. Be careful not to cut the stitches!) Note: I did not cut the thread until the end and just kept using it.
Turn the ear right side out.
Baste stitch the bottom shut. (Basting are long stitches that are used for gathering.)
Pull on your thread and gather the bottom of the ear. I actually put a few stitches in the bottom to keep it folded in half there.
Then decide on where the ear will be placed on the headband and stitch it securely on the band. I used fabric covered headbands so this was easy. If I hadn't bought fabric covered, I would have covered the head bands with brown ribbon or fabric.
Make another ear for the other side and sew it on! Now give to your teddy bear and get bear hugs!
Daddy was resting after our long day out while I finished up another one.  Then I got my teddy bear hugs from her!


  1. These are adorable! What a great idea. Thanks for linking up to The Sunday Showcase.

  2. I have been struggling with making these darned things for a dance recital..... I'm gonna try your way. Looks WAY easier than the mess I'm creating.


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