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Seeing how today is August 1st, I just wanted to remind you that the Virtual Book Club for Kids' August author is Kevin Henkes (one of our favorites!!). The blog hop/link party will open on August 20th!! Here are a few of his books that we own or have out of the library currently!
My sister sent Hazel Sheila Rae, The Brave for Easter, and Hazel recognized it from the back even though we had only taken out a hard cover (and her copy is paperback) from the library once. Yes, we love his books that much. The two without titles on them, no longer have their paper covers, they are The Little White Rabbit and My Garden. We had to buy The Little White Rabbit for Hazel because she wanted it read to her every night and she threw a tantrum when we talked about returning it to the library. It was our first introduction to Kevin Henkes. I hope you will join us for the blog hop/link party on the 20th!

Also July's link party is still open so if you have any activities/posts on Audrey and Don Wood books, please share them here.

Also we have finished our local library's summer reading program or at least have read enough to get the final prizes and certificate--we can still read more and vote for which animal to buy for Heifer. 

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