Happy Family Times #20-- Birthday Celebration

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This past week I celebrated my birthday. Hazel was so excited and wanted to have a party. So we made decorations. Well actually Hazel made most of them with some help from one of her babysitters. I helped hang them and provided supplies for them. The morning of my birthday Hazel had a dentist appointment and swimming lessons. Now she is a bit afraid of the dentist and usually cries whenever we go. I told her if she was a big girl and didn't cry and did what they asked I would get her a balloon for the party. She behaved and for the first time did not shed one tear and even sat in the dentist chair without me. So I went to the Dollar Tree and bought her two princess balloons and a a balloon holder. Now the trick is making sure they are somewhere the cats cannot get their ribbons.
I also picked up some "Happy Birthday" streamers and some horns and birthday hats.
My birthday cake is the only one I do not bake, so Hazel and I went to the local bakery/caterers and ordered it the previous week. We put it under Steve's name so he could pick it up. He also picked up some dinner while there (Chicken Parmigiana).

Hazel was so excited to give me my surprises which they had wrapped. She picked each one out herself. Steve warned me that they may not be what I wanted but they truly came from her. He helped her wrap them.

I opened them while dinner was in the oven heating up. Hazel could not wait for the party to start.
Even Ducky wore a party hat.
We had a nice dinner and then we had the birthday cake. Spinelli's always makes a delicious cake!
They even sang "Happy Birthday" or I should say we sang since Steve is not much of a singer and Hazel needs help. Then I made my wish and Hazel and I blew out the candles. How does your family celebrate birthdays?

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